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2011 Interior Design Trend: Finding The Way

Updated on October 22, 2010


In this modern age, we lead increasingly over complicated and fast paced lifestyles. 24 hour news, the Internet in our pocket and pop culture have increased and as a result, our lives are messy and jumbled. 

Then, a few years ago, a large number of the worlds economies imploded adding to stress and worry. Money problems is the number one factor of stress and everyone has been hit in someway and other in regards to the economic downturn. 

What has this got to do with an Interior Trend? Well, Finding The Way has been put together to help de-clutter your home to aid in de-cluttering your mind. A simple idea, hard to pull off but worth it in the long run. 

Down At The Tube Station at Midnight


Inspiration and Base

Finding The Way is a combination of everyday colours from the world around us, and soft relaxing shades. It might sound a little strange, but maps and sign posts, even modern inner city architecture has all played a part in the design.

Taking the base colour from the inner city architecture, soft, pale Greys are key. Off White's are dead in a contemporary style, too many homes with Magnolia, so Grey is the new off White. But will Grey work in a home? Well yes, it's it's matched to refreshing and subtle colours.

Concrete Superman



So you've chosen your base shade, now for some colour. There are two ways to introduce colour in this style. Firstly, create a feature wall. You can do this by painting one of your walls in a full colour and the other walls in your soft Grey. The second option is to leave all the walls the same colour, and use soft furnishings to add the colour. Things like curtains, rugs and sofa work well. This second option is usually harder as getting sofas and curtains to match is very tricky. 

As you can see in the colour palette at the bottom of this page, pastel Yellows and Pinks work well next to the muted Greys. Some Grey Greens can also work well, but they aren't as warm, bright and happy as Yellow or Pink. Sky Blue can also work, although it's best to avoid using to much as this is an icy cold colour and will have an adverse effect on your room. 




As with all interiors, accessories are as important as the colour of the walls and the floor under your feet. On the palette below you'll notice a deep Brown that looks a little out of place, however, consider this deep shade perfect for flooring or a set of nice natural leather sofas. Even though there is a lot of Grey in the palette, avoid Silver and White electrical items, they clash with the Grey to much. Instead, opt for trusty Black, but keep them limited and if possible, hidden away.

As for wall art, the accompanied images should give you some ideas. Urban art (Top and Bottom image) are made for Finding The Way. The high levels of Greys and Black mixed with bright colours work wonders! Sunsets/sunrises are immense too adding a large number of intense colours for a true focal point. You'll also find a lot of modern street art (middle image) fits in perfectly as it's based on Grey concrete walls.

Colour Palette


Finished Interior

So how should it look? The below image should give you an idea of how Finding The Way can look with a little imagination and some careful planning. A simple and de-cluttered interior to help you relax after a hard day at work. 

Finished Interior


All the artwork used in this article is available as Canvas Prints from WHoArtNow.

Would "Finding The Way" find it's way into your home?

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