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24 Plants With Symbolic Meanings

Updated on May 7, 2012
Bay leaves
Bay leaves


According to Christian legend,the first carnations sprang from the Virgin Mary's tears as she walked to


In Greek mythology,Hyacinth was accidentally killed by his friend,Apollo. The beautiful flower is said

to have sprung from the place on which he fell.

Ancient Greeks believed that if Marjoram grew on a grave, the deceased would enjoy eternal happiness.

Greek mythology tells the story of young Narcissus,who was so vain that he fell in love with his own

reflection in the water. When he leaned into the water to kiss the beautiful image,he drowned.The beautiful

and proud Narcissus flower sprang where he died.

The Greek goddess Venus mourned the loss of her love Adonis. Her sorrowful tears turned a white rose red.


Basil: love,serious intentions

Carnation: motherly love

Chamomile: sweetness,humility

Daisy: candor, innocence

Fennel: heroism

Hyacinth: sorrowful loneliness

Lemon balm: long life, immortality

Blue lilac: first love

White lilac: innocence

Magnolia: peace,grace

Narcissus: egoism

Oregano: happiness

Parsley: joy, romance

Peppermint: hospitality

Red poppy: bravery,valor

Rose: love

Rosemary: remembrance

Sage: long life,wisdom

Sunflower: haughtiness

Sweet bay: triumph,courage

Tarragon: endurance

Thyme: courage

Violet: modesty,humility





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  • denise mohan profile image

    denise mohan 

    7 years ago from California

    Loved this...

  • IN2Deep profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from USA

    Sonia5- Thank you- start a few- It is a wonderful thing -watching what you plant grow is so awesome- and I love flowers that bring the birds,hummingbirds, and butterflies--I am addicted to garden- I started small-and got carried away-

  • sonia05 profile image


    7 years ago from india

    beautiful photos with valuable information!! You inspire me to start with few plants and indulge in some serious gardening!

  • jayjay40 profile image


    7 years ago from Bristol England

    A very well written hub. Beautiful photographs and an interesting topic, well done


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