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5 Cool Ways To Use Pallets Outdoors - Easy Projects That Look Great

Updated on March 29, 2017

1. Pallet Swing Bed

This is a great project to create a comfortable and fun twist on the traditional porch swing. Think of this as a porch swing meets hammock idea that you can put anywhere you have space on your patio, porch, a great tree or if you don't have any of those you can build a support and hang it anywhere in your yard!

These are actually pretty easy to make. You are going to need a couple of pallets, a few 2x4 8ft pieces of lumber, wood or deck screws, rope or chain, tape measure, drill, saw and a cushion or mattress.

First you will need to determine the size of the bed by measuring the size of the mattress or cushion you have and use that to determine the number of pallets. Usually 2 pallets will work great. Next slide in the 2x4's along the two sides and the center support and screw them into the pallets to secure them. (Note: I always feel safer when I add a little extra support to the center so I screw in extra lumber through the center to make sure it is solid) . If you have any extra 2x4 at the ends just cut it them off so that it is level. On the four corners drill holes through from top to bottom to run you rope or chain then run the rope or chain through the holes and hang. Last step is to add the cushion or mattress. If you use a mattress I would suggest covering it with a vinyl mattress protection to keep out moisture and bugs.

You can now decorate your bed and enjoy! You can personalize this with the bedding or by painting the swing if you choose.

2. Pallet Chair

This great looking faux Adirondack chair is made from 1 pallet! I have included the easy to follow instructions in the link. There is so much you can do to customize this chair and make it look amazing if you don't love the raw wood look. Being in Colorado I can usually find old skis and have used some to add to the back for a different and fun look.

Adirondack style chairs have been around a long time because the design is simple and comfortable so enjoy a great twist by making the number you need out of pallets and save a ton of money along the way!

Here are the free instructions:

3. Pallet Corner Sofa

So let's take these projects up a notch and create an awesome corner sofa out of pallets. This is the very basic corner design that can be personalized by size, décor and color easily to fit any sun room, patio, deck or yard.

The standard corner sofa will use 8-10 pallets, depending on the size of the pallets and if you want to add the table shown in the video, so you can adjust by adding more to make a larger unit if you need but the basic concept will stay the same. You finish this sofa with the cushions of your choice and paint if desired to create a custom patio seating area without paying those crazy prices!

I have included a link below with the free instructions as well as a video.

4. Easy Mini Pallet Bar

This next project is really quick and easy and makes a great addition to the other pieces we have talked about so far and is perfect for the novice project builder. This has been VERY popular on Pinterest and again this can be customized how you chose to fit your décor or color theme by paint color and paver choices. You can also upgrade this by using a salvage piece of granite or other great stone as well.

To make this easy project you will need:

Two wood pallets (same size!)

1x3x12″ board cut into four equal pieces (optional as reinforcement when screwing pallets together) – or use a scrap pallet board and cut four pieces from it


Lightly damp rag(s) to remove sanding dust

Sandpaper or sander

4 to 8 screws (minimum three screws per each set of outer boards)

Good quality exterior paint/primer combo

Paint brush

Cotton applicators or a small hobby paint brush

Dropcloth to protect your patio


Two clamps (or a friend willing to help hold the pallets together for you)

Three paving stones (or more, depending on size of pallets and choice of stone pavers)

Heavy-duty construction adhesive suited for both concrete and wood

To assemble this project you will start by sanding the pallets and painting them the color you choose. Typically you will need 2 coats and be sure to let dry fully. Next, cut a 1×3″ board into four pieces (optional reinforcement), lightly sand, and paint those too at the same time.

Clamp the two pallets together. Pre-drill the screw holes, you intend to make to prevent the boards from splitting. Attach the two pallets together using the four wooden strips and fasteners (optional). Next, Dry-fit the tiles. Once you have them fit your liking, lift one up, generously apply the construction adhesive to the surface of the pallet, and firmly press the paving stone back in place. Repeat on the remaining stones.

You are now ready to enjoy you great mini-bar!

5. Vertical Pallet Garden

This last project is very adaptable and practical for any yard or garden. This might be the easiest project of the group! You will need a pallet (or pallets), landscape fabric and heavy duty stapler. This will build the project and then you will need potting soil and plants.

Wrap the back and sides with a double layer of landscape fabric and staple into place, be sure to stable this securely all across the back. Then lay your pallet flat on the back and fill it with soil and be sure to fill in behind the slats well and pack solidly so the soil doesn't shift when you stand it back up. Next plant your seeds or plants into the openings. I like to leave the pallet flat for about a week to make sure the plants have rooted into the soil so they don't shift when stood up. Finally, stand your pallet up and enjoy the garden.

These can be customized with paint or labels and can stood against a fence or wall, mounted to hand or against a frame whichever suits your needs. This is a great way to grow strawberries, herbs and an assortment of flowers or vegetables.

Using pallets to create outdoor projects is a great way to have a personalized yard, porch, deck or garden and can save you on costs so you can put your resources into the finishes and accessories instead. These projects are so easily customized and are very forgiving for those without a lot of woodworking experience. Just jump in and have some fun!


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