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5 Ways Bad Weather Impacts Your House Roofing

Updated on May 11, 2017
Storm damaged roof.
Storm damaged roof.


At the time of bad weather, there are many things that worry you a lot. Though family will be your primary concern, you should be worried about your home too, if you are a homeowner. There are many situations where natural disasters leave a great impact on your home, especially the roof. It is good to understand the way how these weather conditions have a bad impact on your home.

1. Hurricanes:

Hurricanes destroy the roof first. There are many reasons for this. The excess rain and severe winds have a major impact on any high surface. Also the design of the roof and your structure plays an important role. Proper care should be taken while installing the roof structure as this ensures a perfect installation.

Hurricanes are quite common in our country and that is why it is very vital to take all the necessary measures. Get in touch with a good roofing contractor when you find any defect. It is also a good thing to be equipped with all the supplies needed, just in case.

2. Tornadoes:

When it comes to tornadoes, the build up of air pressure is the primary reason for any negative impact on the roofs. The low pressure of the winds can easily pull the roof away. It is always a good thing to nail the roof to the structure of the house. In recent days, it has become mandatory to do this. A good roofing contractor will be able to help you with all the necessary information about this process.

3. Hailstorms:

Hails normally cause severe damage to the roofs. The only way to prevent the damage caused by hail is by using heavy shingles on the roof. The damages happen in a jiffy but you cannot know the consequences until the storm fades away.

Though hailstorms do not rip the roof away, they can cause severe leakage and make the shingles cracked if they are not heavy enough. Check the roof thoroughly after the storms for cracks or leakage. Most people find this impossible owing to many reasons. In such cases, getting a professional help will be a good solution.

4. Floods:

Recent days, damages caused by floods are increasing in numbers. We cannot predict the water level during floods. Once the water reaches the roof, the entire structure will be shaken. Right from the walls till the floor tiles, every thing on the structure, be it a home or a building, will face the consequences. The best way to clean up the mess is by water extraction.

5. Thunderstorms:

Though they do not have much impact on the roof, they can still cause certain damages due to the severe winds and heavy rains. Under such conditions, the damages that happen are like that of a hurricane and hence enough preventing measures should be taken ahead of time. If you are prepared with the right supplies then you can easily save your roof in case of a disaster.


These are the 5 important ways how bad weather can affect your house roofing. If you are living in Ann Arbor, consider this as a warning call, and get in touch with professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor to take enough preventive measures to withstand these calamities.


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