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50 Everyday Enjoyments

Updated on May 18, 2013

1. the smell of fresh-cut grass

2. cool side of the pillow

3. stopping the microwave on :01

4. kicking up your underwear and catching it first try(men)

5. tying your shoes to the same tightness

6. pretending to magically open automatic doors

7. finding money in your pocket

8. putting on a clothes fresh from the dryer

9. waking up early to see you don’t have to get up yet

10. hitting all green lights on the way home


11. and exercise endorphin high

12. a pull-through parking space

13. hearing a song you love but forgot about

14. the smell of gasoline

15. rainy days when you don’t have to drive anywhere

16. watching a fireplace

17. the smell of the grocery store coffee aisle

18. remembering to floss

19. someone flashing high beams to warn you about a speed trap

20. watching The Price is Right on a sick day

no offense Drew Carrey...
no offense Drew Carrey...

21. getting 2 things in a vending machine while paying for 1

22. having exact change

23. taking off shoes and socks after a long day

24. when snow begins to fall

25. playing old school video games

26. flicking coil door-stoppers

27. the last second shot/pitch when the score is tied with :01 left, or the bottom of the 9th

28. playing basketball by yourself and imagining

29. getting a bunch of answers right in jeopardy, with other people around

30. dropping something and reflexes make you catch it, I am The One!

ok, maybe not this
ok, maybe not this

31. a well-behaved baby

32. catching up to a car that just passed you at the next red light

33. finding the spot on a dog that makes their leg go crazy

34. walking through fallen leaves

35. staring at the night sky away from light pollution

36. walking on grass with your bare feet

37. when a plugged up nostril suddenly opens up

38. laughing so hard you snort

39. clearing away your bellybutton lint

40. checking someone out and not being busted

not like this...
not like this...

41. realizing that it’s a long weekend

42. taking off the price tag in 1 peel

43. waking up to the smell of bacon

44. getting the last piece of sleep from your eyes

45. watching your odometer reach a major milestone

yes, yes, yes, yes.....c'mon....
yes, yes, yes, yes.....c'mon....

46. the extra hour from the fall back time change

47. putting on new clothes

48. finally having your ears pop after going way uphill/downhill

49. finding a really clean public restroom

50. finding and watching old Saturday morning cartoons (x-men, iron man, hulk, spider man, etc.)…and immediately feeling like you’re 10 again

look!  it's the end of the list!
look! it's the end of the list!

If you have something better, don't hesitate to add it in the comments section below, thanks for reading.


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