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8 Reasons To Declutter Your Home

Updated on September 12, 2013
A tidy, clutter-free home
A tidy, clutter-free home | Source

Why Decluttering Your Home Can Improve Your Life And Others?

1. A house full of clutter is not the best environment to live in. A house full of clutter doesn’t lend itself to being a calming sanctuary to come home to at the end of a hard day at work. If the home you are living in looks and feels tidy and organised, you will, in turn, feel relaxed and not be faced by a messy house crying out to be made tidy.

2. A decluttered house is easier to clean. You will find you will be able to whoosh through the house in less time, cleaning and tidying. You’ll be likely to clean more often when it is less of a herculean task. There will be less to dust, move, wash and reposition. Vacuuming will become a breeze, not having to navigate so many obstacles. So, a decluttered house will be a cleaner house too.

3. A tidy, uncluttered home creates a calming environment. It is less stressful to live in and will allow you to enjoy living in your house more.

Declutter | Source
Sell your stuff
Sell your stuff | Source

4. Decluttering your home can make you money. You’ll be surprised at what you find will sell when placed on auction sites, such as eBay, and by doing car boot and garage sales. If you don’t want or need it anymore, sell it! Enjoy the money you make, or use it to help with your finances, just don’t replace the old clutter with new clutter. Once you’ve decluttered, strive to keep it that way. If the house starts to fill up, check you’re buying habits and do another declutter.

5. You can help people or charitable organisations. If you can’t sell it or think someone needier may benefit from it, give your unwanted stuff to charities. They will either pass it on to those who need what you are giving, or sell it to make money for the cause they are supporting. You’ll have a tidier house and sense of well being, having helped someone else in the process. Another way you can benefit others through your decluttering is to advertise your goods on a website such as Freecycle. It’s another method of giving to others that can put to good use that which is just clutter to you.

6. Improve your financial situation. One of the less obvious benefits of decluttering is how it can help your realise that you don’t always need the possessions you might think. When you have realisation that you can manage just as well, owning less items, the pressure on having to earn the money to purchase new things gets reduced. This can be one of the first significant steps to bigger changes in your life. Being able to live on less can help with re-organising your finances for a more self sufficient lifestyle with less debts or money worries. This can lead to achieving other goals, such as a change in career or reducing the hours you need to work.

7. Enjoying what you have. When you clear out all the stuff you don’t need, you often notice stuff, hidden in all the clutter that you enjoy owning but haven’t done so in ages. When was the last time you dug out, from where they were hidden, and played your treasured vinyl records? Now you have the space, you can display them somewhere easier to hand and be reminded to listen to them more often.

8. Decluttering can have a positive effect on the ability to sell your house. A well presented house, uncluttered with the seller’s possessions is more likely to retain a better selling price and make it more marketable to potential buyers. The buyers want to see the house, but this can be difficult if their view is obstructed by all your stuff. A tidy house gives the impression of a cared for house. Most buyers don’t want to buy a house that appears neglected. When you’ve sold your house, moving will be easier as you will have less to pack, load and unload and unpack again at the other end. A smaller removal van will be cheaper too.

Decluttering costs nothing but can reward you in many ways. What’s stopping you from spending nothing but time and a bit of effort to get organized and declutter your home?

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