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A Few Things You Might Want to Know About Indoor Garden Pots

Updated on March 26, 2010

Indoor garden pots are a great way to make a room more exciting to look at and plants used indoors can clean and filter air too. Those who enjoy gardening but have no backyard will find indoor pots to be great fun to take care of.

Their life quality will improve thanks to air filtering effect of these herbs and plants. By taking proper care of a garden pot many common mistakes can be avoided, this article collects the most often missed details to help avoid putting an unfortunate end to life of your indoor plants.

Indoor garden pots are great to work with as you can take care of them when weather is unfriendly outside, and there is little chance freeze will kill your plants in your living room. Most herbs have their preferred climate and you will have to place them accordingly.

Indoor Garden Pot by
Indoor Garden Pot by

There are a lot of trees that like room temperature and humidity, but there are more sensitive species. Don't pick one that grows in Africa if your room temperature is rarely over 70 degrees and types of pine are also to be omitted.

Use pots that allow the soil and plant in it breathe, plastic deteriorates when exposed to UV radiation of direct sunlight, wood tends to rot. Ceramics are almost good but they won't let the soil breathe, so I suggest using clay for optimal results. There needs to be adequate drainage on the pot for optimal moisture level in the soil.

Quality of the soil is also more important than most people would think. If you try to grow herbs from seed, you'll probably want to use sterile soil; any kind of mold means an end for almost all seeds.

Let sunlight reach your garden pots, herbs make energy using carbon-dioxide and sunlight and without they they will die in slow agony. Choose a spot in your house where enough sunlight can reach your small indoor garden but too much will kill them soon as well.

Don't forget to provide nutrients for your herbs, diverse and complete nutrition is just as important for them as it is for us.

By placing your garden pots to the right spots in your house and using right soil and material for the pot you can make sure to achieve healthy and beautiful plants in your own living room, and not only looking at them will make you happier; average air quality will greatly improve too helping avoid some lung related diseases and illnesses common to our urbanized society.

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