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Flower Pot Top Tips

Updated on March 26, 2010

Gardening is a nice hobby and if you think you're up for the challenge you might as well start out with a plan for a nice looking garden. It doesn't matter if you prefer outdoor or indoor flowers, they both give adequate amount of work to do as well as feeling of success.

Some plants are easy to work with, some are just like kids, demanding all the attention and care on the world. Before you decide what to do, always make up your mind about the design and features. If you want to have a little composition in your backyard, plan accordingly and buy garden pots that can hold bigger plants, even small trees.

Do not mess with these flower pots though...
Do not mess with these flower pots though...

If you're one of those who are stuck in a flat, don't worry you can have all your itching for the living and growing creatures soothed with a few nice flower pots on the balcony or the living room. Or both, why wouldn't you surround yourself with as many plants as you like?

If you know how the general composition would look like, what features you want to add, you move forward to picking the flower pot that matches your interior design. Modern furnitures don't go well with big spacious "bulky" pots, but you'll have luck with a tall, thin vase like pot. 

If your furnitures are made of robust hardwood and the look isn't something others would describe as sophisticated then you can choose a hand painted clay flower pot. It will blend in well with about any massive pieces of furniture you may have, but make sure you don't pick anything too funny, or vibrant. Don't let the pot dull the beauty of your flowers. 

If you have a green thumb and know where to put the pots for optimal light distribution and temperature, consider yourself lucky. These variables are all need to be taken into consideration for the optimal effect, and while the flower pot is not first priority in choosing the place, it has very much to do with the plant you can choose. Or the pot you can choose for the plant, whichever is the middle of your attention. If you want to have a flower that likes water, you may want to have a clay pot that easily lets in moisture. Watch out though as they let it out as well.

Plastic flower pots may not be the best idea to use indoors as they can give a cheap look to your room, but a properly chosen recycled pot can be a nice gesture towards nature. If you think it fits with your room, don't hesitate just because it's made of plastic. Be aware that plastic hold water back and doesn't let the soil breathe so you might want to have good drainage, or water less often.

Whatever the style of your room is, you will find the right flower pot. Just make sure you keep scale, colors and material all in mind when picking the one that will be part of your furnitures for the years to come.

Photo used is taken by  Richard Knights


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