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Aero Air Bed: Cheap and Convenient

Updated on May 3, 2011

Aero Air Bed: The Convenient Way

Nowadays, it's not easy for younger generation to have precious living space as it was once to be. Whether you are located in the suburbs of Southern California or in the great cities of the northeast, space is still at a premium price tag. The high demand for space to live in these places has made each lot smaller and more costly.

With the limited space that young people occupy today, it is definitely difficult for them to have friends or family over night, or coming to visit on vacation. The only option is to stay in guest house if that happens.

I used to live in New York few years ago when I have just finished my degree program. There, with two other friends, we rented an apartment which was barely 600 square feet. There would be problem when we had friends coming for overnight. They either have to cramp with us in the bedrooms or just sleep in the living room.

That's why we bought aero air bed to solve this little problem. No doubt that aero air bed is not easy to use. The charger need to be plugged into the socket for a while before it could work and aero air bed can rip, plain and simple. But yet, it is still a worthwhile investment if you have limited space but still enjoying to have people coming over to stay with you.

Aero Air Bed: The Best in The Market

Aero air bed claims to be the best product in the market. If I'm right it is the leader in the air bed industry. Anyway, I've not seen evidence otherwise or encountered with other products that aren't just as good as aero bed. I've had four aero air beds since college and which until now I still keeping them. Two of them are from the Aero manufacturers and the other two generic one. One of each of the beds has ripped while the other one is still in good shape. I believe that whether they last or not has more to do with how frequent you use them and how you take care of it. It has nothing to do with the brand, 

Well, if you are going to buy an (or more) aero air bed, it is recommended that you search for the best bargain and review online. There are lot of people who posted their comments and reviews whether you should get one or not. If you aren't sure if those reviews are good or not, you can always check with Consumer Reports. They'll have thorough test and expert opinions lined up comparing everything from top of the line brands to the meanest knock-offs.

In the end, the choice of which brand that you should go with is really up to you. Just go with the brand that you are comfortable with. If you have kids, you might want to consider getting the larger size and the most durable ones. By the way, some brands do offer one year guarantee. Shop wisely and you should be doing well.


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