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An Economic Must Have – Outdoor Fire Pit

Updated on July 6, 2014

A Must Have Backyard Upgrade

Outdoor Fire Pits

Last year there were reported 41.75 million campers enjoying the outdoors, and with every camping experience the fire pit is a necessity. The fire pit provides a heat source if needed. The ability to cook and or boil water, and the night glow that provides light and evening ambiance. The memories of most campers will be the fish that was caught, or the mountain that was climbed, however the nights around the campfire will always remain at the top of the list. The hotdog cooked on a stick and of course the traditional s’more is the favorite foods associated with camping. Modern development allows for these times to be a constant any time of year in the backyards of most homes. The current manufacture of outdoor fire pits is both safe and affordable. The options of fuel sources, the material design, and overall styles available, any outdoor space will benefit from a fire pit. A pre-made portable fire pit is made mostly of metal and can be natural wood or fuel burning. A more permanent outdoor fire pit can be made from many different materials as long as the common feature is to prevent the fire from spreading.

Start With A Hole

Build Your Own Outdoor Fire Pit

Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Fire Pits

Most scouts are taught the basic Dakota smokeless fire pit. Two small holes are dug in the ground and connected with a small tunnel. One of the holes is used for the actual fire and the other hole is used to draft air. By placing small twigs into the hole and then adding a layer of scrap wood the fire will burn from the top down using air from the second hole. This design is used by military as well, the low light signature flame, minimum smoke, and very easy to ignite in any weather condition is ideal for use tactically. Other homemade options of an outdoor fire pit all begin with the digging of a hole. There are many options available for materials to be used to surround the hole and build up the fire pit. A re-purposed metal drum can be cut in half and the bottom removed. Fire resistant bricks can be stacked, or well placed rocks can secure and contain a small fire. There are many do-it-yourself options available; the main thing to remember is to ensure the flames are contained and not easily reachable. One of the most common injuries occurs from tripping and falling into the fire. A surrounding wall around the dugout hole should be high enough to secure the flame. Traditionally a DIY outdoor fire pit uses wood as it fuel source, and if wood is not readily available there are other fuel options available.

How To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit

Top 5 Best Selling Outdoor Fire Pits

UniFlame WAD820SP 34-Inch Slate & Marble Firepit with Copper Accents
Stylish Design
Landmann USA 28925 Ball of Fire Outdoor Fireplace
Looks Like A Floating Fireball At Night
Uniflame WAD992SP Aged Bronze Outdoor Firebowl With Leaf Design
Aged Bronze With Leaf Design
Heininger Outland 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
Inter- Changeable Propane Tank and Very Portable
DeckMate Luna Wood Burning Outdoor Firebowl
Very Easy To Assemble

Copper Is The Preferred Metal Of Manufactured Outdoor Fire Pits

Five out of the top ten best selling outdoor fire pits are made with copper or bronze. Copper is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it an ideal metal used with fire. Bronze is an alloy primary made from copper. Eighty percent of all copper that has been mined is still in use today. It can be recycled in almost any state and is the third most re-purposed metal today. Items made from copper have been around for thousands of years and can hold up to almost any conditions. The oldest copper artifact was a pendent found in northern Iraq and dates to 8700BC. The Bronze age began around 3700 BC and ending in 2500 BC. The replacement of stone tools takes place during this era as well as eating utensils. Although copper can be found in all areas of life, electrical wiring is by far its most common use. Almost all electrical wiring in homes, businesses, circuit boards use copper because of its super heat dissipation capacity compared to aluminum. In its original state copper has a burnt orange color that over time will develop a green patina caused from oxidation. Copper items that were found on the Titanic were displayed showing the aged patina and became a look used by many designers. Of course any copper metal cleaner will restore the original burnt orange shine.

Propane And Copper Is The Greenest Combination

Along with a copper base for your outdoor fire pit, the fuel source of propane provides the “greenest” combination. Although propane is a by product of petroleum refined natural gas, it meets the clean air energy standards of the Environmental Protection Agency. It is nontoxic and soluble in water, and it cannot spill because it is a gas, making it very environmental friendly. Propane bottles can be inter-changed between BBQ’s, generators, or any other manufactured item using the fuel source. The bottles are readily available and can be found at most corner gas stations. As propane is a by product it is relatively inexpensive to use. It is an efficient burning fuel and it produces many more units of energy than most other fuel sources. The regulators on most propane bottles allows the consumer to control the volume of gas being released, even on low propane will have a nice blue yellow glow flame and provide a comfortable amount of heat. The regulator also makes cooking over the outdoor fire pit much easier. The temperature is controlled, can be set on low to high, and will maintain an even cooking surface. The portability of the propane tank is also a great benefit, allowing the fire pit and its fuel source to be used in various locations and in many outdoor activities.

S'more Recipe


Graham Cracker

Hershey Chocolate Bar


To assemble start with a Graham cracker ad two squares of Hershey chocolate bar on top. Place one well cooked marshmallow on top of chocolate and top with another Graham cracker. To melt the chocolate squish the crackers together.

For added fun spread peanut butter on cracker before adding chocolate.

Why A Must Have

An addition of a fire pit in any outdoor space will pay for itself many times over. The nighttime glow coming from a fire provides the perfect ambiance for a family gathering, children’s sleep over, or a romantic night under the stars. The flavor of outdoor cooking is a welcome addition to any meal. The wide range of recipes and styles of cooking available today will make any backyard cook a great chef. No matter what fuel source is being used, adding different wood chips will add different flavors to cooking over a fire pit. The greatest benefit of an outdoor pit is the memories of gathering around the fire. Family, friends and loved ones will always enjoy the company a little more with the smell of a fire. Of course the making of a true s’more can only be done with a marshmallow on the end of a stick over an open flame, and a backyard camping sleep over is always enjoyed more with the smell of a campfire. The Saturday afternoon picnic will be the envy of the neighborhood, and a backyard fire will be the perfect end to date night. In most places when fire restrictions are enforced a controlled fire pit is allowed to be used, enabling a year around use.


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