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Outdoor Fire Pits at Discounted Prices

Updated on October 17, 2011

Outdoor fire pits and outdoor patio fire pits

What’s so great about an outdoor fire pit? Lots! Just think how warm and cozy it would be to sit around your own outdoor fire on a chilly fall night! You’ll find that a patio fire pit will satisfy all your senses. The dancing flames will appeal to your sight, the crackling sound of the fire will be soothing music to your ears, the smell of natural wood smoke will tantalize your sense of smell, and the warmth will provide overall comfort.

What about taste? No problem! Roast a few marshmallows and hot dogs over your outdoor fire pit! Kids absolutely love doing this. Add a few graham crackers and a chocolate bar or two for a simple yet tasty dessert that the kids can make themselves – with adult supervision, of course.

Why an outdoor fire pit?

I have a theory about outdoor fireplaces and their amazing rise in popularity. I hold many of the same views held by the British romantics – that mankind desires and needs a close relationship with nature. Since our urbanization, however, most of us are far removed from natural surroundings. Much of the human population now lives in concrete jungles. As a result, we’re turning our lawns into outdoor living spaces so that we’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.

Lots of homeowners spend a considerable amount of money and time on their outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately, you might be able to actually use and enjoy your outdoor living area for only a few months during the year. No one wants to risk frostbite just to have a chance to be outdoors. An outdoor fire pit can change that.

Advantages of outdoor fire pits

You can find all kinds of outdoor fireplaces now. They run the gamut from simple fire rings to elaborate stationary fireplaces built of stone, brick, or stucco. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One big advantage of an outdoor fire pit is that it’s portable. These lightweight fire pits can be moved to wherever you need them. Heck, if your family enjoys the camping life, you can even take your fire pit with you on your next camping trip. The outdoor fire pit will provide a safe, convenient place to contain your campfire.

Outdoor fire pits are also rugged and durable. Most are on legs to allow oxygen to get to the fire from all sides. Several types also have a container at the bottom that receives the ashes, making for easy emptying and cleaning. If you buy a model that comes with a cover, you won’t have to worry about rain making a mess with your ashes, either. A model with a screen is also available. The screen keeps embers and ashes in their place.

One of the greatest advantages of outdoor fire pits is that they’re so affordable. Prices for outdoor fire pits start at around $60, so you might want more than one!

Places to use your outdoor fire pit

Remember, outdoor fire pits are usually portable, so you can use them just about anywhere. They’re perfect on a brick, cement, or stone patio. An outdoor patio fire pit is one of the most popular styles.

Outdoor fire pits can also be used on a deck. For safety reasons, you’ll need to set the outdoor fire pit on some tiles, bricks, slate, or on some other fireproof material.

Another place to use an outdoor fire pit is in your back yard. Just place the fire pit right on your grass and set your camp chairs or lawn chairs around the fire for an evening under the stars. We’ve done this several times and have never had a problem with the grass catching fire, but it’s best to keep a water hose nearby, just in case.

Where to buy outdoor fire pits

If you’re searching for outdoor fire pits, check your local pool and patio stores and big home improvement centers. You’ll probably find a couple of different models. To see the largest selection and the best prices, shop online for outdoor fire pits.

Check out the fire pits below. Several are offered at discounted prices, and you’ll see several different types of outdoor fire pits, too. To see more outdoor fire pits and outdoor patio fire pits, click on the individual products.

To read more about outdoor living spaces, click the links below the fire pits!

Look at the prices on these outdoor fire pits!

A typical outdoor patio fire pit.
A typical outdoor patio fire pit.

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