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An Easy Way to Declutter Your Bathroom

Updated on March 28, 2014

The bathroom collects items that we don’t use, but because they don’t get finished we don’t throw them away. How many items do you have in your bathroom that you aren’t using, but you still hold on to? Or are there things in your bathroom you think no one uses, but you don’t throw them out because you are not sure if anyone is actually using them?

Here is a really easy method for decluttering your bathroom.

If you have storage space under the sink, use that, if you don’t just get yourself a cardboard box or plastic container. Move everything off the bathroom flat surface into your box or storage area. Clean your flat surface so your bathroom looks neat and tidy. Leave your box somewhere in the bathroom, but not too close to the sink..

Mark a date on your calendar in two weeks’ time. Do nothing for 2 weeks. During that time you will see if anything in the box gets used because it will be used and not put back (unless you live with a neat freak who always puts things back where they find them, and if you do live with a neat freak I’m sure you won’t be reading my hubs!)

At the end of 2 weeks you have a box of things that no one uses. Feel free to tip them all in the garbage and thus relieve your bathroom of too much clutter. If you really can’t do that and you think someone else could use some of what you have, then do donate them to a thrift store or local good cause. If you have half bottles of expensive perfume or aftershave you may be able to sell them on ebay.

Reducing clutter in one room will inspire you to reduce clutter in other rooms. Do a little every day and don’t stop, ever.


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