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Artificial Trees~A huge help in interior decorating

Updated on April 10, 2012

Artificial/Fake/Plastic Trees

One of the important things of decorating and making your home a pleasant place is trees. You use your 5 senses and need to please them: visually, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling. Obviously trees assist in the visual sense. These are one of the key elements in making your environment pleasing and serving you.

The visual aspect of your home is important. Not just the paint and furniture, or wall hangings; these are all good, but what will make you place a retreat or come alive are green nature plants. So I've provided pictures and some you can purchase for your home. Experiment! And enjoy the pics! :-)

Trees for Indoors

First of all, they look real, if you get a nice one. They are not hugely expensive, about $50-$100 depending the size and type.

I'm not real fussy with something that imitates a palm tree or is super exotic; simplicity is okay.

They are really easy to care for!!!

In Conclusion

Green trees or plants make the home inviting, more beautiful, "thriving", just as you see them in doctor's offices, and give it that "feel", they will help, especially for the naturist, or evolutionist, to really bring nature into your home for less care and for those without green thumbs which I am for sure!!

Living room tree with lights at Christmas time
Living room tree with lights at Christmas time
Hanging plant in bathroom- put them everywhere/anywhere!
Hanging plant in bathroom- put them everywhere/anywhere!
Living room tree
Living room tree


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