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Artificial palm trees

Updated on September 16, 2009

A growing trend which has been occurring in the gardening and lifestyle world is an increasing in the popularity of large artificial trees, the acceptance of artificial trees has been creeping in over the years and thanks to the increased prevalence of fake Christmas trees in December, other artificial plants are no longer necessarily looked down upon. One of the fastest artificial trees to be accepted by the public has been artificial palm trees and it’s no surprise when you think of how easy it is to change the feel of a room simply by adding a palm or two.

A great deal of the appeal with palm trees is the tropical feeling they can add to any environment, however with living palms there are the problems of maintenance, this means not just watering and fertilizing but also trimming and cleaning up any leaves that get dropped. With fake palm trees these issues are completely avoided, obviously there is no need to water artificial palms and provided that they are treated with care and moved properly they should never need to be picked up after either.

These days you can get an artificial palm tree in almost any size from three foot all the way up to twenty foot monsters and the advent of these larger palms has seen palm trees popping up in malls, resorts and even on golf courses where outdoor artificial palm trees are used. If a palm is only ever going to be used inside there are a particular type of replica palms that are made out of a real palm tree that has been dehydrated and then filled with resin to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart and will never fall over, These fakes are known as preserved palm trees and are the top of the line as far as artificial trees go. The downside is that you have to treat them very carefully and ensure that they never get wet.

If you are on an extreme budget but still want to own an artificial palm you can try making your own either out of bamboo and palm fronds or worst case scenario out of plastic piping and green construction paper. A new type of artificial palm trees which almost looks as bad as a homemade job are artificial lighted palm trees these are basically just fake Christmas trees which have been put together in a top heavy configuration, my advice would be to steer clear of them all together however the one exception would be if you were to have Christmas on a tropical beach, then they might be quite nice.


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    • profile image

      Artificial Palm Trees 7 years ago

      Great idea about making your own artificial palm trees. Sure they won't necessarily look that life like, but who cares, at least you'll have a palm tree. LOL