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How Bamboo Sheets Fight Night Sweating

Updated on September 9, 2016

Need to Know About Night Sweating

Night sweats often happen to people who have health problems such as infection, cancer, or menopausal period to women. This is related to excessive sweating during sleep that are not due to the hot weather and cause you to drench your clothes and bedding. This may also be caused by medications like antidepressants, aspirins and others or when a person has low blood glucose level or what we call hypoglycemia. Persons having unexplained night sweating may visit an internist, gynecologists or their family doctor because this may be harmless but still depends on the underlying cause. It is still best to consult a physician when it comes to health matters.

How to Deal with Night Sweating

  1. Prepare extra towels – If you are a night sweater, you really cannot sleep continuously when your clothes or bed is soaked with sweat until you change it. If you have wide towels, you can sleep on it or put a towel nearby so that when you sweat, you can easily grab it. You might also want to put towels on your backs to absorb the sweat so you just remove and change it when wet. During my visit to a relative's house, I noticed that their blankets and sheets are like wide towels and are really cool to the body because they have a really hot weather in their place.
  2. Buy Bamboo Bed Sheets – If you are the luxurious type of person, it is recommended that you buy a blanket and bed sheet like the bamboo bedding. Bamboo sheets are designed to be adaptive to the weather temperature. It cools down during warm weathers and warms up during cold season. If you do not like the idea of having extra towels and having to wake up every time you are soaked up, this is a brighter idea. You can sleep luxuriously not being bothered by your excessive sweating. Try Luxury Hotel's bed sheet which you can purchase online. It has the features mentioned above and the price is just appropriate to the benefits you will get from it. You can also choose from other brands, if you want a more expensive but better qualities or if you want a cheaper one for a try, there are different sets to choose from.

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Towels versus Bamboo Sheets

If you are looking for the perfect bed sheet to fight your problems on night sweating, bamboo sheets are totally recommended by users because of its cooling power. It is soft and smooth but prevents you from having hot flashes and sweating. Sweating can lead to sleep disorders making your supposed to be restful night to be sleepless nights. There are bamboo bed sheet sets that are sold with complete set of pillow cases, flat and fitted sheets.

Towels are commonly used to dry sweat and excess water. There are also different types of towels to be used. Some are soft and extra absorbent, others are harsh, and are dangerous to sensitive skin types. Towels are still useful because it dries the body but during night time, most of us won’t have the time to wake up every time to change clothes and towel dry our body from sweat.

You can sleep with both. Buy a set of bamboo bedding and put towels nearby. Sleep is really important to our body because it reduces stress and is the perfect ant aging solution. It is the best time for our body parts especially the cells to regenerate ready for use the next day. So, having the best sleep is like giving your body the best health solution to every tiring day. Pampering ourselves by buying comfortable and eco-friendly linens is just some of the simplest gifts we can treat our bodies.

Water for Night Sweaters

If it is not your practice to prepare a glass of water on your bedside before sleeping, you might want to add this to your night chores. Aside from being ready during emergencies, having a glass of water near you during the night will help re hydrate your body. Sweating excretes water from our body which is needed during cell repair and our body usually do this when we are asleep. Aside from having towels or bamboo sheets, do not forget this one other important necessity especially if you are a night sweater.


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