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Fleece Sheets - Buy Warm Cosy Microfibre Fleece Sheets At Discount Prices

Updated on October 31, 2011

Looking for warm fleece sheets that are ideal for cold winter nights? Then look no further. Here we will review the best microfibre fleece sheets available online. We will look at where you can buy fleece sheets at discount sale prices and basically tell you everything you need to know if you are thinking about buying yourself a set of fleece sheets.

The idea behind fleece sheets is that they are incredibly warm and cuddly. The microfibre they are made up of gives that extra plush feel when you wrap up warm in them. If you live in colder climates or just want something to snuggle up in then buying a nice set of fleece sheets is just what you need. So now we will have a look at some of the best online deals available and see which fleece sheets you should be buying.

Micro Fleece Sheets

Micro Fleece Sheets Set


The Micro Fleece Sheets Set is a great place to start our search for top quality fleece sheets. These really are a lovely set of sheets that are perfect for those cold frosty nights. They come in various different colors such as sage green, tan, blue, ivory and a few others. The fleece material these sheets are made of has a way of trapping your body heat in a keeping you warm in even the coldest of conditions. The sheets are machine washable and last very well, you don’t get any pilling when you wash these and they maintain their lovely feel even after repeated washes.

When it comes to value these really are a bargain. With this set you get a flat and a fitted sheet and two pillow cases. If you are looking for a good all round product that delivers the maximum snuggle factor at a very affordable price then look no further than these micro fleece sheets. Why stop at one, get yourself a whole range of different colors and hibernate for the winter.

Pike Street Fleece Sheets

Pike Street Fleece Sheets Set

If you are looking for a bit of a discount bargain then these are ideal. Currently the Pike Street Fleece Sheet Set is on offer at Amazon and you can pick these up for a very low price. The Pike Street fleece sets come in either burgundy, plum, sage, ivory, navy or wedgewood colors. You can get these is sizes king, queen, full or twin. The material these fleece sheets are made of is so warm and cosy. The sheets are 100% polyester which makes them easy to machine wash and dry. Again these will not pill when you wash them so they maintain there softness wash after wash.

If you buy a set of Pike Street fleece sheets you get one flat sheet, one fitted and two pillow cases. These are gorgeous warm fleece sheets and the colors really are nice, you can easily mix and match a few of these as most of the colors go together very well indeed. When it comes to good value at the current price these have to be the best buy of the lot when it comes to discount fleece sheets.

Mirco-Fluff Fleece Sheets

Micro-Fluff Sheet Set

When it comes to luxury then these are top of the pile. The Micro-Fluff Sheet Sets really are so incredibly comfortable and warm. These are a little more pricy than some of the others but that is due to the high standard of these fleece sheets. Made with a beautifully velvety soft material these also look very nice as they have a satin edge which just adds that touch of class. You can purchase these in four different sizes, king, queen, full and twin. They come in colors burgundy, wheat, navy, chocolate, vanilla and fern. The colors are all very elegant and some of them go together very well if you are thinking about buying more than one set.

If you purchase a set of these you get the standard flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases. These have to be top rated when it comes to comfort and warmth. The Micro-Fluff sheets really do deliver the maximum warmth and comfort to anyone who choose to wrap themselves up in them. If you don’t mind spending a little extra cash, I would go for these.

Martex Super Soft Blanket

Martex Super Soft Fleece Blanket

If you are not really interested in buying a full bedding set and just want a nice single fleece blanket, then this is for you. The Martex super soft fleece blanket is simply gorgeous. Available in king, queen or twin sizes this one is ideal to just wrap up in. You can also choose from the colors blue, linen, ivory or basil. Made from 100% polyester you can machine wash and dry this blanket and it will maintain it’s fresh fleece feel wash after wash, there is also the added bonus that it will not pill when you wash it.

The Martex super soft fleece blanket is an ideal one to purchase and use as an extra. Take it with you when you go for walks on the beach, snuggle up in front of the fire with it, or simply toss it over your other sheets for an extra layer of warmth in bed. This fleece blanket really is ideal for so many occasions and a great one to buy and then snuggle up in. It’s also quite a reasonable price so you are getting very good value for a blanket that is going to last you many years.

All these fleece sheets and blankets are excellent quality. They are good discount prices and are from reliable online sellers. If you buy any of these you are sure to be warm and snugly in no time. There really are few better things in life that curling up in front of a warm fire snuggled up in your favourite fleece sheets, enjoy.


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