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Bedroom a Decorating - Creating Your Refuge, Your Sanctuary!

Updated on May 31, 2013

Bedroom Decorating for Your Sanctuary

Bedroom decorating is so very important! Most people will spend over half their lives in their master bedroom suite. Stop and think about it. You do a lot of sleeping, tidying up, dressing exercising, reading, writing, talking on the phone, napping, and loving – just to name a few. For this reason, the bedroom suite should be decorated and furnished to be your very own private sanctuary – a personal refuge. It should be a pleasing and inviting space created especially for you!

Bedroom Decorating - Bedding and Mattress

When considering your bedroom decorating, your mattress and bedding are very important. Since you spend almost one-third of your life in your bed, it should be comfortable. It should take you into its arms every night and lull you into a peaceful sleep. You should wake up in the morning relaxed and refreshed.

One way to make your current bed feel better is to consider the quality of your sheets. Expensive sheets with higher thread counts do feel better, and are less likely to pill up over time.

Another thing to consider is your pillows. A good pillow will cradle your head in such a way that you will not wake up with a painful and stiff neck. Pillows can also we placed between your legs when lying on your side to help keep your hips better aligned, or keep your knees from rubbing together painfully. A pillow can also be used to support and cradle your upper arm when lying on your side, reducing pressure on the shoulder and even providing some support for your back. A pillow can be used under your knees when you are lying on your back to help relieve pressure on your lower back.

Cushions add comfort and color.
Cushions add comfort and color. | Source

Bedroom Decorating Should Provide for a Nourishing Environment

It is unfortunate that the master bedroom is often the most neglected room in the home.

Does your bedroom often look like this? This not very relaxing!
Does your bedroom often look like this? This not very relaxing! | Source
Using Simplicity
Using Simplicity | Source

A bedroom should be a place where you are able to go to recharge your soul, and your body. It should be furnished and decorated in such a way that it calms your mind and draws you into its relaxing embrace. All the details, even the small ones, are important. Choose furnishings and decorative items that nourish your spirit and soul. Your bedroom should provide you the peace you would feel laying in a hammock on a warm day, feeling a wisteria scented breeze lightly caressing your body, while listening to the birds and watching the butterflies float overhead. There is serenity and peace in this environment. That is what your bedroom should provide.

Fireplaces and drapes can be used to create a warm and inviting environment.
Fireplaces and drapes can be used to create a warm and inviting environment. | Source

Bedroom decorating should provide:

Your bedroom should be:

  • A place of renewal
  • A place to escape in times of stress
  • A place to recharge and refresh
  • A place that encourages serenity
  • A place where you can let your hair down and just be you

Your bedroom should be a place to which you can retreat to recapture harmony and a sense of self and purpose. You can create an environment that is rich, sentimental, whimsical, sensuous and/or luxurious. You can create an atmosphere that provides mystery, or exhibits dreams, hopes, loves and fantasies.

Bedroom Decorating - What kind of environment creates a sanctuary for you?
Bedroom Decorating - What kind of environment creates a sanctuary for you? | Source

Other lighting options: Salt Rock Crystal Lamps

When Decorating Your Bedroom Incorporate the Senses

When decorating your bedroom, consider all the senses.

Incorporate the sense of touch:

  • The soft feel of cotton sheets
  • Soft pillows and comforters
  • Have a soft, warm throw available that you can curl up with or pull over your lap while in a chair

Incorporate the sense of smell:

  • Scented candles
  • Potpourri
  • Linen sprays

Incorporate the sense of sight:

  • Use soothing colors to paint the walls
  • Choose prints that relax you
  • Vary your sheets and pillow cases each week
  • Low level ambient lighting for medication and relaxation, or romance
  • Choose pictures that add to the serenity of the environment

Incorporate the sense of hearing:

  • Incorporate a way to have music in your sanctuary
  • If noises at night are a problem, incorporate white noise

Don't forget that the bathroom is part of the master suite.
Don't forget that the bathroom is part of the master suite. | Source

Your bedroom decorating should allow you to create a place you want to escape to. When you are in your bedroom, you should be able to shed your worries and your cares. Consider the following, and then make an effort to incorporate that environment into your bedroom.

Think about a place that has given you great happiness such as a flower garden humming with bees, a beach where you can hear the surf, an isolated mountain retreat beside a vast blue lake, or a secluded path beside a babbling brook. Knowing that you will be spending half your life in your bedroom, find a way to re-create those places to provide these feelings of happiness and peace over and over again. Create your very own get-a-way by thinking about bedroom decorating as being necessary for one of the most important rooms in your home - your refuge, your sanctuary!

To read more about Bedroom Decorating, Creating a Sanctuary and a Refuge, read the next article.

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A nice soft throw can be used to add visual appeal now, and warmth at a later time.
A nice soft throw can be used to add visual appeal now, and warmth at a later time. | Source

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