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Best Buy Outdoor Security Lights

Updated on December 3, 2012

If you are concerned about break-ins in your neighborhood, and are considering the best ways to protect your own home and garden from burglars, then outdoor security lights may be your answer.

Lighting and floodlit areas are a huge deterrent to thieves who prefer to work under cover of darkness.

Whether you choose to have security lights that are always-on after nightfall, or motion detector lights - the types that only light up when they detect movement, there are a superb range of modern outdoor security light fixtures for you to choose from.

As I am in the process of choosing outdoor security lights for my garden at present, I will lead you through the different types of lights that I think are best buy outdoor security lights.

solar floodlight
solar floodlight

Solar floodlights

Using solar floodlights are the perfect solution for those who us who live in sunny climates, but modern solar lights also work well in areas that get very little sun, as UV rays are absorbed through cloud.

The benefit of using solar lights of any kind is that:

  1. There is no wiring to mess about with. Screw the light into position, place the solar panel in the sunniest spot nearby and that is it.
  2. There is no running costs apart from having to replace bulbs, which you have to do with non-solar lights too. Fortunately, the types of bulbs used in solar lighting are very long lasting.

Add a motion detector to solar flood lights and you have the perfect outdoor security lighting.

No matter how far it is positioned from your home, you have have no electrical cables to run, nor have to worry about power cuts.

Your solar light will serve you for years and years, keeping your home and family safe.

Solar Floodlights with LED bulbs

This is by far the best type of bulb to have. Halogen bulbs are bright but don't last anywhere nearly as long as LED lights do. Some manufacturers claim they can last up to 10 years, which is a phenomenal length of time for a light-bulb;

LED lighting is the way forward.

  • They produce a bright, piercing light that would scare all but the most determined burglar off
  • They do not create heat so there is no fire risk even if attacked to a tree
  • They last and last.
  • The bulbs may seem expensive to replace, but considering their expected lifetime, they are actually much more economical than normal bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are very low voltage lighting, and so consume very little electricity. Of course, solar lights consume no electricity at all.

Buy a solar floodlight with motion detection and LED lighting really is a one-off expense as there are virtually no running costs.

Floodlight with motion sensor

Electric Motion-Sensing Lights

If you get very little sun where you live and want an outdoor security light you can rely on, then a basic model floodlight with motion sensor is really all you need.

You can buy ones that look more aesthetically pleasing than others, but really all you want is outdoor lighting that will light up a given area should someone walk in front of the sensor detection range.

This type of outdoor lighting is excellent as there is no fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch, you just walk to an area you know is within sight of the sensor, and the area lights up brightly.

Decide what area(s) you want lit up and buy enough floodlights to cover every spot. Place your lights on walls, trees or outhouses, not too high off the ground, but high enough to be out of reach to even the tallest person amongst us, without using ladders. The number of light fixtures you need will depend on the size of your garden or yard.

Remember that you will have to run weatherproof cables to the outdoor lights in order to provide them with power.

Most electrical flood lights come with a timer so that you can decide how long you want the lights to remain on.

If you are sleeping indoors and your outdoor security lights go on, you want them to stay on long enough for you to get out of bed and look out to see if you spot an intruder.

Sometimes stormy weather that sways the trees and bushes in your garden can set off the lighting motion sensor, as can small nocturnal animals like cats.

It is still better than leaving your garden in complete darkness all night with no protection.

Best buy outdoor security lights will bring you peace of mind, at a cost that is affordable to you.


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