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Solar Powered LED Christmas Lights

Updated on December 11, 2012

The green alternative is here, and scientific advancements have now developed solar lights that work even in areas that do not get much sun.

At Christmas, there is nothing prettier than seeing a garden decked out in Christmas decorations and lights, but it usually results in the home-owner having to pay a high electricity bill for the pleasure.

Now there are some really pretty solar lights you can put in your garden to brighten it up. The lights are not as strong as electrical wattage lights, but they don't need to be, to be attractive and to give your garden that Christmas glow that children adore.

Or, if you prefer, you can mix and match, and have some solar-powered lights as well as your electrical lights. You will find that LED bulbs use a lot less electricity that other bulbs.

Either way, you can save yourself a fortune this year by providing the right kind of lighting for both your budget and your carbon footprint, with solar powered LED Christmas lights.

You might find this item a bit on the expensive side, but the product is 11M of cable, which is a lot, with 60 multi-colored LED Christmas lights for your garden. These lights can be connected to others to make the string even longer. They are waterproof, but can be used indoors as well, though your would need to feed the solar panel from the outside of the building.

I have been researching Christmas solar lights for my own garden, and it does seem to be a case of you get what you pay for.

Buy cheap, break easily. This is a quality set that should last for years without ever costing you another penny in running costs.

Solar Powered Christmas Lights String Light 105 LED White

These solar white lights are excellent if you just happen to have a pine or other suitable tree growing in your garden.

You can now wrap it with outdoor lights that are protected form the elements, set the solar panel in a position where it will catch the most light, and be rewarded with a beautiful display which will last upwards of 6 hours every evening after dark.

No more costs apart from the initial expense of buying the string of lights, although they do have a single battery that will need changing maybe once every 5 years or so.

This is a set of 20 starfish solar powered LED Christmas lights that work for up to 18 hours on each solar charge. They automatically switch off during daylight hours.

They also come with a switch to allow you to set them to either always on, after dark, or flashing, after dark.

They are waterproof, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

These beautiful snowflake lights are color-changing too. Once you place the stake into the ground, they charge by day using solar power, and light up after dusk.

They have an on/off switch so you can choose not to light them, if you wish.

The changing colors include red, blue, yellow and green and looks really pretty when lit up. Chilrden will adore those lights!

Alternatively , and Ebay seller has the same lights in a set of 7 for just a little bit more money, but this is definitely the better buy of the two.

After dark, these lights are beautiful and will really brighten up your pathway, making it welconing and homely to guests, or even to yourself coming home after a long day's work.

this video shows you how the snowflake lights work

Solar Power Christmas Star Light

The solar powered Christmas star light will look superb on top of a tree in your garden. Once erected, with the connecting solar panel nearby in a bright position, this star will light up after dark.

This is a flashing light. The red bulbs flash all night and will still be flashing in the morning if you arise before dawn.

To avoid giving the neighbors the wrong idea about yourself, I would only put this light up if I planned to have lots of flashing lights in the garden along side it.

This Solar Powered LED Christmas Lights String is 151" in length which is just over 12'.

It features a total of 24 long-lasting LED lights that are mutli-colored.

Once the cell is powered up during the day by sunlight, and it works well in areas where the sun doesn't shine too - it absorbs the rays that penetrate cloud - it will light up for up to 8 hours overnight.

No need for trailing wires. Solar powered lights can be erected anywhere at all so long as the solar panel that comes with them is pointed at the sun, even when it is behind clouds.


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