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Best Plastic Storage Boxes With Lids for Homes Under $25

Updated on November 15, 2014

Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

Storage boxes can be made from a variety of materials. Plastic is very common but others include cardboard, wood, metal or alternative and more decorative materials such as wicker. Plastic has a number of advantages such as being easier to make either partially or fully transparent; transparent boxes allow the contents to be seen without having to open the box. Plastic also tends to be easier to clean than absorbent materials such as cardboard and wood and can be lighter than metal.

The lid of the box helps protect the contents and keep them free of dust and dirt; some can even be water or airtight, further protecting the contents which is especially useful for delicate items or food. The advantage of using storage boxes with lids is that they can allow otherwise difficult to use or hard to access spaces such as underneath the bed to be more fully utilised by using boxes that fit underneath the bed. Some lidded storage boxes are often designed to be easily stacked on top of each other, again meaning that the space is utilised as efficiently as possible

Storage boxes can vary in strength and size from fairly light weight and small boxes designed for the storage of small items to much larger and more heavy duty boxes that can take larger, heavier or bulkier items. Make sure to choose both the correct size and the correct strength for your needs. Food and small item boxes will usually be smaller and food containers should be airtight. Under bed storage boxes must fit under the bed in question. Boxes that are going to be frequently moved whilst containing heavy items should be sturdy.

Snap Down Lidded Plastic Storage Box

This is a simple plastic storage box which can hold 18.5 quarts. It features a translucent construction so that you can easily see what is stored inside. The box is made from polypropylene to improve its strength and durability. The lid of the box snaps onto the box to secure the contents. These boxes are stackable so multiple boxes can be easily stored on top of each other. A box can take a wide variety of contents from clothes to tools to toys.

Storing an Assortment of Small Items

This plastic container can be has an adjustable interior. The interior comes split into six compartments and comes with moveable subdividers that can be adjusted to your needs. The subdividers can be used to increase the number of compartments from 6 to 21. This is a useful sealable box for the storage of small items such as craft supplies. The ability to adjust the size of the storage compartments allows a variety of different sized items to be stored in the box. The box comes with secure latches, reducing the chances of the contents being spilled.

Under Bed Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

Technically these cost more than $25, but this is a pack of two, so they cost less than $25 individually. These are relatively cheap for under bed storage. These storage containers have a clear lid and box, allowing the contents to be easily visible. The base has Duracon glides allowing it to be slid easily under the bed. Should you want to use the boxes other than under the bed, the lid has grooves allowing the boxes to easily stack on top of each other. The lid fastens on with sturdy clasps, and the box is overall sturdy in its construction.

Plastic Food Storage Boxes with Lids

This set of storage containers has a total of 14 containers of different sizes suitable for storing food in. The containers are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe, making them versatile to use and easy to clean. The boxes are BPA (Bisphenol A) free and are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The containers fasten with a patented silicon gasket system to help keep them spill proof and keep the contents fresh. Micro-particles of silver are embedded in the plastic to help reduce mould and fungus.


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