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Stackable Plastic Storage Boxes

Updated on November 15, 2014

Make the most of your Storage Space with Stackable Boxes

Getting your home or office organized or packing to get ready to move can seem like a tedious journey for many, but using the proper items to help you do so will make the process much easier to endure. The end result is that you'll get your space to look clean and streamlined and you'll save yourself more time and energy.

Using stackable plastic storage boxes is a great way to utilize space, since you can store your items vertically and they work in every room in your home, from the kitchen to the den to the bathroom. Look for bins that stack easily and come in a variety of fun colors and styles to mix around your home that you can match with your decor. Also, you want to make sure that they're sturdy and affordable!

Stackable Kitchen Storage Boxes

In the kitchen, these stackable Kinetic "Go Green" stackable plastic storage boxes are fantastic for easily organizing your pantry items or leftovers and produce in the refrigerator. What makes these different than your regular storage containers? There are micro particles of antimicrobial silver that are embedded into the polypropylene. This innovative technology protects the containers from mold, fungus and other microorganisms, which will protect the safety of your food and in turn the health of your family. The patented locking system keeps oxidization at bay which will also help to extend the life of your food. They're spill-proof, shatter-proof and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and BPA free. One full set comes with (2) 15 ounce rectangular storage containers, (1) 30 ounce rectangular storage container, (1) 44 oz rectangular storage container, (2) 27 oz rectangular storage containers and (1) 47 ounce rectangular storage container, all for a little over $20. Now that's a deal!

Stackable Boxes with Attached Lids

When you need to store much more than food and pantry items, try these Akro-Mils stackable plastic storage boxes that have attached lids. The lids have a ribbed design to nest. This feature helps to stop the lids from jamming when you're pulling them off of shelves. They have a twelve gallon capacity and have ergonomically designed handles to allow for easy carrying, even when the boxes are completely filled to capacity. They're also fully stackable and have a clear base to easily locate your items. They're completely ideal for off season storage or moving and this bin rounds out just over $20.

Closet Organisation Boxes

If closet organization is a problem, especially if it comes to shoes, then these stackable clear storage boxes are a fit for you! This 24 pack of boxes is less than $40, but for that price you get ventilated, mold resistant boxes that protect your shoes or stored items from dirt and debris. These boxes are completely translucent for easy viewing and location and they're great at storing your accessories like jewelry, scarves, make-up or even tools and crafts as well. To top it all off, when not in use, they fold completely flat. De-clutter that closet and help make your life that much easier.

Recycling Storage Containers

If you constantly are finding yourself hauling overflowing bags of recyclable goods out to your recycle bin in the garage, or downstairs in your apartment building, these Suncast recycle bins are a gem! Not only are they stackable, but they're color coded to make recycling easy and even though they store a lot, they do not take up a large footprint. They easily fit in utility closets and are much better looking in the kitchen than stacks of bottles, boxes and cans. Many customers rave about how many different types of things you can use them for; from storing compost for the garden to easy storage for the kids toys. Possibilities are endless and you get yourself a set of these three colorful and all-around useful bins for just about $40 and with free shipping!

Underbed Storage Boxes

If you, like many are low on space in your closet and finding it hard even to organize within your own shelves, then make use of that space under your bed, couch or other low lying furniture with these under bed storage drawer sets from Iris. These drawers are completely stackable and very durable. Customers rave about their durability and multiple uses, from storing shoes to artwork, documents or linens, photos, and so much more. You can hide them and access them just as easy or stack them in your closet to create dresser style storage for all of your wardrobe and accessory needs. You get a set of three for just around $70 and you can feel good knowing that these are American made products.

Stackable Storage Boxes Have Many Uses

You can find so many different types of stackable plastic storage boxes for whatever your organization needs are around your home. Make sure to check the dimensions and any storage/weight capacities when ordering to ensure that your boxes will hold up for exactly what you need them for. Enjoy getting your home, office or personal space organized and free of clutter or easily packing up your goods for that big move.


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