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Best Snow Blowers 2016

Updated on November 4, 2015

Snow might be pretty but it takes a lot of effort to clear your driveway with a snow shovel. If you are willing to spend the money on a decent snow blower you can do the same job in a couple of minutes with next to no effort.

Snow blowers or snow throwers can be divided into gas and electric models. The electric ones are smaller, less powerful and cheaper than the gas blowers. There are many brands of snow blowers, the only one that really stands out is the Toro brand, they sell the most electric snow blowers. In my opinion Toro have managed this by delivering slightly better value than their competitors.

Because electric snow blowers are more popular than the gas ones I have shortly reviewed 3 electric and one gas snow blower in best snow blowers 2016.

Best snow thrower 2016
Best snow thrower 2016

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Thrower

This snow blower is run from electricity, simply plug it in and begin clearing the snow. It has an eighteen foot clearing distance and ten inches down with each movement. It can throw snow up to thirty feet, pushing out 700 pounds of snow per minute. It has a 160 degree adjustable chute feature that allows you to throw the snow in different directions. The Toro 1800 has larger wheels (7 inch) than most snow blowers, an ergonomic handle; it has a quick lever and zip deflector and 15 amps of power.

This Toro snow blower is virtually maintenance free; because it is run on electricity you do not have to worry about keeping oil in it or about running out of gas. You simply need to connect the power cord to an extension cord to get your desired length. The power cord has a cord lock system that assures that the power cord does not pull out. It is lightweight, weighing only 24 pounds so it will not hurt your back and it is easy for anyone to use.

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This Toro snow blower is very light weight, weighing only 13 pounds. The size of the snow blower makes it easier to store through the summer than the other products here. It has an adjustable and ergonomic handle so basically anyone can use this snow blower with ease.

This snow blower has a 7.5 amp motor and can throw snow at 300 pounds per minute and will remove snow in a twelve inch area, and up to six inches deep, throwing the snow up to twenty five feet. This is a great tool for patios, steps, and walkways. Because of the small size and light weight, it is easy on the back.

Top rated gas snow blower 2016
Top rated gas snow blower 2016

Powerland PDST24 24-Inch 196cc 6.5 HP OHV Gas Powered Two Stage Self Propelled Snow Thrower With Electric Start

This Powerland snow blower has a certified and durable 6.5 HP air cooled OHV engine and electric start. It has self propelled wheels for easy movement. The Powerland PDST24 has a gas powered engine, so it can go further away from the home, than the electric snow blowers and has an electric starter. It has a two stage throwing mechanism for throwing snow more than twenty feet. This snow blower can clear paths of 24 inches, helping you get large areas done quickly.

The 6.5 HP certified OHV engine is US EPA and CARB certified, which makes it healthy for the environment. It has a 25 degree tilt single cylinder forced air cooling 4 stroke engine. It also has an auto compression release for quick cold start and constant power to the snow blower. The Powerland PDST24 has six forward and two reverse speeds that provide ultimate performance with correct speed in any work conditions and types of snow. Finally, it has a large twelve inch propeller for deep snow removal. This snow blower is a good choice for large areas as well as small areas.

Best selling snow blower 2016
Best selling snow blower 2016

Snow Joe Ultra 622U1 19-Inch 13-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This Snow Joe snow blower is an easy to use and powerful machine. It can push 800 pounds of snow per minute, cut nineteen inches wide and eleven inches deep; it can clear 2150 feet in an hour. Because it is an electric snow blower you do not have the maintenance of gasoline powered blowers. You do not have to worry about tune ups, running out of gas, or changing oil and sparkplugs. It only weighs 43 pounds so it is easy on the body.

This snow blower turns on easy with a one touch on/off button and is easy to turn with each pass due to its easy glide pivot. It has an adjustable chute that rotates 180 degrees so you can determine which way the snow goes. There is a scraper blade at the base of the snow blower so that you are sure to get all the way down to the pavement. It also has a chute deflector that lets you adjust the height of the handle so it is easy for individuals of all heights to use.

I hope you found the right snow thrower for your needs in best snow blowers 2016. You might also like to check out top 10 watches for men and best snow boots for toddlers.


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    • jGaunt profile image

      jGaunt 7 years ago from London

      I don't think the cord getting a little wet is an issue unless you wear out the plastic on it.

    • j.amie profile image

      j.amie 7 years ago from PA

      Thanks for this. I didn't realize they were actually affordable. Last year the winter here in PA was fun to try to beat with a hand and a shovel. I guess there are none that are battery powered though. I don't like dealing with gas (even for our mower we use a push reel) but I doubt we have a plug that would be in a practical enough location to go electric. We live on a city corner, so we have quite a bit of sidewalk to handle.

      Is there any concern with the snow and the electric cord? Doesn't the cord get wet?