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Breakfast Nooks

Updated on November 9, 2010

Breakfast nooks are rooms that are located directly off of the kitchen. Most of the time they are just a continuation of the kitchen and it is difficult to actually delineate a separate room. The purpose of breakfast nook furniture is to provide a space to eat informal meals. Some people refer to the arrangement as an eat in kitchen rather than a breakfast nook. No matter what you call it, there are several uses for a breakfast nook and several different kinds of kitchen furniture that you might put in one. Breakfast nooks come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large enough for a huge table and some additional furniture, while others can barely fir a small round kitchen table for two. No matter how big your breakfast nook is, you will find that it becomes one of the most important rooms in your home.

Breakfast Nooks for Dining

There are many possible uses for breakfast nooks and that is one of the reasons that this is such an important room.  Of course, the most obvious way to use your breakfast nook is to eat meals.  Most families do not want to use a formal dining room every day and have to worry about carrying food back and forth from the kitchen to a dining room.  Eating this way would require cleaning table cloths and serving dishes almost daily.  Having a table and chairs is the kitchen cuts down on a lot of the work for a homeowner.  First, you can eave the food in the pots and pans it was prepared in rather than transferring everything to serving dishes for the formal dining table.  In addition, most breakfast nook tables do not require table cloths because they are made of materials that are easy to clean.

Breakfast Nooks as Work Areas

Another possible use for the breakfast nook set is as a work surface for both your children and you. Your kids can sit at the kitchen table and do homework or work on art projects if they are too young for school while you prepare dinner each night. That means that you will be close by if they have a question or need help with something, and you can keep an eye on them. Today, there are too many distractions in a kid’s bedroom for them to be able to concentrate on homework if they are not being watched closely. After dinner while you or your spouse do the dishes, the other can use the kitchen table to do work so that you can be close to each other and spend some valuable time together.

Breakfast Nooks for Gatherings

Some families also use the breakfast nook for family game nights or family meetings.  Since your entire family is there for dinner anyway, it is easy to have everyone stay put for some family time after the meal.  If you utilize the under the seat storage in your breakfast nook, then you can have games or cards within reach anytime you decide you want to spend some time together as a family.  If no one has to leave the room to go find the games or activities, it is much easier to keep everyone there and interested.

Breakfast Nooks for Storage

There is one final use for breakfast nooks that some homemakers fid to be the best one.  If you have a breakfast nook bench, then chances are that you will have some storage space.  Corner breakfast nooks are the best in terms of storage because there are usually at least two benches with storage under the seat.  People use this storage space for lots of different things.  Some use the space to store small kitchen appliances that you might not need every day, but want easy access to when you do need them.  Storing them in the garage means they will need to be cleaned every time you want to use them and sometimes it is too much trouble to dig them out of a closet.  Other home owners use the space to store large food containers like what you might buy at a price club.  Still others use the space to store things like art supplies, school supplies, and family activities like board games or cards.  No matter what you use the breakfast nook storage for, every home owner should be glad for a little more storage space.

Some breakfast nook sets have very clever kitchen furniture ideas for storage.  I once saw a breakfast nook bench where a drawer pulled out of the back of the bench to reveal a spice rack.  The thin cabinet drawer was quite clever and could probably be used to store other thing things like cookie sheets as well.


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