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6 Benefits to Solar Panels for Electricity in Your Home

Updated on March 27, 2012


Having a home power source is a fantastic idea and there are quite a few benefits from having one. One way people have been jumping on the band wagon of green technology is by building their own solar panels. Now I bet your thinking that building your own solar panels is out of the question because it would be too hard. But, I assure you with the right mind set, materials, and good ole’ elbow grease you can make some of your very own. Just the benefit of the savings you will instantly see on your electric bill will be quite worth it.


Take a look at some of the many benefits home solar power systems can provide you and our environment:

1.      Green Tech: Using solar energy has an absolute 100% guarantee not to use fossil fuels of any kind. With this you can do your part to save the earth and its atmosphere one home at a time.

2.      Budget Friendly: the energy you are using with the solar panels is essentially free. The initial installation and cost is only a one time deal. Then within a year or two you have already recovered all the associated cost with it.

3.      Instead of paying more in electric for your major appliances the extra solar power that the panels provide can be stored and used at a later time.

4.      Maintenance: Solar panels are easy to maintain with a little bit of cleaning them once or twice a year you can continue to reap the benefits of home comfort

5.      Renewable: Solar panels provide a continuous source of energy greatly reducing or even limiting your electric bill. In some instances the electric company will pay you for the extra wattage you provide to the system.

6.      Property Investment: with the induction of solar cells on your property it is a investment that increases the property value of your home.

Of course there are certain considerations to have in mind prior to putting solar panels up on your home. The best location for solar panels is on your roof which has the most direct sunlight throughout the day. But, if your roof is not an option then a small piece of land cleared and angled just right to benefit from the sun’s rays. Always plan to have them in the spot that receives the maximum exposed sunlight daily.

To build your own is not a hard thing to do there are many books and websites devoted to DIY solar panels. They provide easy step by step instructions that are clear and understandable even for the lay person to understand. Most DIY plans are about 50$ to 100$ and are well worth the cost in savings from manufactured panels then the actual building is less than 200 including materials. So if this is something you have wanted to do then check out the books to the right they can get you started saving money in the one resource that we use the most.


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    Hello, hello, 

    10 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for giving me some ideas about them.


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