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How to Build a Solar Panel Step-by-Step

Updated on March 30, 2011


Building Solar panels 101, in this overview we will go through some of the basics of getting your own solar panels up on your home. Why? Because number 1 the sun is the most widely available source of green power in the solar system. Number two we all want to save money on our electric bills.

Well how to build a solar panel is as easy as one, two, and three as long as you have all the correct parts and aptitude to build them. The first things you do need to consider is the area that you live in why? Because in the northern hemisphere the solar panels need to have a south facing to get the most abundant solar energy from the sun. If you live in the southern hemisphere and do not have a southern facing roof you can place the panels on the ground with a good view or place them on poles facing north. So first step is identifying location and how you will mount them.


Now on to the actual building, don’t worry if you are not a master carpenter it is actually quite easy to make your own. Start by collecting and identifying the tools and accessories that you will need, the parts can usually be obtained at a local hardware store or EBay.

First thing is to get a Rosin Flux pen it is a adhesive that you will use on your new solar panels. Place the flux into your solar cells and it will help you with the adherence to the proper connections and wiring when you are ready to solder the ribbons to the solar cells. Once the wiring is in place you can then take each solar cell and connect them to each other in small blocks of 20 by 20.

Once you have connected the cells individually to each other, Tip: always use as little of the silicon that you have to connecting the cells. Place them in a plywood panel that you will make depending on the size of the cells you are using and how many you have connected together. At the end of the last cell will be the very last two wires that you will have which belong to the solar cells. Drill two holes near the wires so you can feed them through the back of the plywood. Then seal the remaining hole with additional wood epoxy or silicon.

After attaching the solar cells to the plywood cut out you will need to make the rest of the frame. The most effective cover you can use for this is Plexiglas. Using the wood screws and some more silicon secure the Plexiglas over the solar cells. You do want to make sure that it is water proof since it will be exposed to the elements. Tip: always make sure you drill the holes for the screws in the Plexiglas prior to attaching it otherwise it can cause damage to it like swelling or cracking.

When you have finished you should have a small solar panel. You always want to double check it thoroughly to see if there are any cracks or holes in it that may allow unwanted moisture or critters in. Otherwise these things can greatly damage the cells effectiveness. The only semi hole will be for the wiring but you can also plug that up with some silicon and if there is a small hole it will just be air but the better sealed the box the better.

Now granted this is only a small overview of how to build a solar panel but it does give you a good start finding blueprints to follow is very easy they sell them below at amazon. They also sell the actual solar panels if you do not want to make your own. But, either way the money you will be saving on your electric will bring it back to you many times over. Not to mention the reduction of your carbon footprint will be reduced.


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    rishav raj 6 years ago

    it is amazing!

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

    A great hub for somebody who is a handyman.