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Buy Felco Loppers Pruners Garden Tools

Updated on July 27, 2012

Shopping Guide for Felco Loppers Garden Tools

When you buy a Felco garden tool you are buying the best. Swiss-made precision construction, premium-quality materials, and a life-time guarantee make a Felco lopper one that will last as long as you need it.

And when you buy a premium garden tool like a Felco, don't pay retail - go where the smart shoppers go - ebay!

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Felco F21 Lopper

Felco F21 Lopper Garden Tool
Felco F21 Lopper Garden Tool

Felco F21 Lopper - 25" Garden Tool

The Felco F21 Lopper is Felco's most popular model. Recommended by home gardeners, landscapers, and professionals alike, this 25" model will make your work a breeze.

Constructed with aluminum handles that are solid-forged for strength, and precision-ground cutting blades, these loppers will handle any job up to 1.4 inches in diameter.

If you are not looking for a "specialty" lopper, this is the one you want. The leverage of a 25" lopper means you can do more with less effort, but they are still not too big to be easy to use.

Felo Lopper F200A-60

Felo Lopper F200A-60 24"
Felo Lopper F200A-60 24"

Felco Lopper F200A-60 24" Model

The Felco Lopper F200A-60 Lopper still has the professional abilities of all Felco Pruners and Loppers, but this model uses tubular aluminum handles and a 1" shorter length to achieve its weight reduction.

Lighter and easier to use, but still with a 1.4" cutting capacity.

ps. when you find that great deal, don't let someone else grab it! Make a decision.

FELCO 200A-40 Two-Hand Pruner Lopper

FELCO 200A-40 Two-Hand Pruner Lopper
FELCO 200A-40 Two-Hand Pruner Lopper

FELCO 200A-40 Two-Hand Pruner Lopper

This Felco Pruner/Lopper Model F200a-40 is the "mighty" shorty of Felco Loppers. With straight blades, and only 16" in length, this model is the perfect lopper for accurate cuts in tight places.

Same Swiss Felco quality and guarantee, but in a smaller package. And yes, these will still lop a branch or trunk up to 1.4" diameter.

Felco two-hand pruner model 13 (F13)

Felco two-hand pruner model 13 (F13)
Felco two-hand pruner model 13 (F13)

Felco Two-Hand Pruners

For versatility the Model F13 - Felco two-hand pruners give you two tools in one, as long as your lopping jobs don't include any large branches. Primarily hand pruning shears for one-hand use, the F13 model has an extra long handle that allows the use of a second hand for tougher lopping tasks.


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    • profile image

      Jason 7 years ago

      Lovely - I own a pair of these loppers and have found them to be superb. I've got a huge garden and these have been invaluable in getting the trees under control.