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Buy Felco Pruners Holsters, Blades, Accessories

Updated on June 5, 2011

Felco Accessories Shopping Guide

When you own a Felco garden Tool, you have a tool that will last a life-time, but sometimes even the best quality tools will need accessories and replacement parts.

With Felco garden tools, the authorized replacement parts are the same superior quality as the original tool, whether it's pruning shears, two-hand loppers, or garden saws.

And the smart shopper knows you never have to pay retail prices for the same authentic goods when you buy on ebay.

Felco Garden Tools Shopping Guide

Felco Garden Tools Accessories
Felco Garden Tools Accessories

Felco Pruning shears Holster

The first accessory for most serious gardeners will be a pruning shears holster. As seen below, some Felco holsters are made to hold any pruning shears, while others are for specific Felco models. (they will also work for other brands of similar shape.)

Felco Pruner Blade Sharpeners

When you first get a Felco Garden tool, both pruners and two-hand loppers, the blades are as sharp as scalpels, and the best way to keep them that way is with authentic Felco Blade Sharpeners.

ps. don't forget, some ebay listings may be one-time deals, so when you see a bargain you want, - make a decision!

Felco Pruner and Lopper Replacement Blades

It may take quite awhile, but the quality of Felco Pruners means they will last a long, long time, and sooner or later you may need replacement blades. (sooner if you let your kids cut wire with them)

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