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Buy The Best Inflatable Sofa Bed

Updated on April 16, 2011
black inflatable sofa bed
black inflatable sofa bed
Converting the inflatable sofa bed into a mattress
Converting the inflatable sofa bed into a mattress

An inflatable sofa bed is a very handy piece of equipment and furniture that every household should have in storage. This is because you can always be assured of being able to accommodate any visitors that you may have. This could be of great advantage during the holiday season or when you are organizing weekend sleepovers if you have young children.

Here are some great choices of inflatable sofa beds that you can buy online from Amazon.

Air-o-Space 5 in 1 EZ Inflatable Queen Sized Sofa Bed

This is a fantastic and versatile piece of furniture that will always come in useful if you have a home that regularly hosts friends and family who come to visit you.

This is an inflatable sofa bed that gives you 5 different options of use. The choices you have are as follows. You can simply inflate it and use it as:

  • A funky looking sofa
  • A queen sized air mattress
  • A child’s booster bed
  • A lounger
  • A recliner

This sofa bed is the perfect solution for people who live in small spaces but require extra sleeping facilities. You can easily store away this mattress when you do not need it, and then take it out of its handy duffle bag storage case and inflate it when you need it.

This inflatable sofa bed is able to hold up to a weight of 600lbs so it really is very sturdy in its construction. The way that the stitching has been produced means that each individual will not end up rolling into each other when they are sitting together.

As you have many different choices in the way that you want to use this inflatable piece of equipment, there are different parts that can be attached or detached depending on your preference.

The pump that is included with this inflatable mattress comes with 3 different nozzle attachments. This makes the pump easily adaptable for different types of inflatables.

Aerobed convertible inflatable sofa bed
Aerobed convertible inflatable sofa bed

Twin Size AeroBed Inflatable Convertible Sofa Bed

This sofa bed is another example of a great construction. It is quick to inflate and is manufactured to give extra added support so that you can sit comfortably when it is in the chair position and then get a good night’s sleep when you open it out into a mattress.

This mattress has a velvet upper cover which makes it comfortable and warm to the skin without the need for a blanket or sheet covering.

The AeroBed convertible sofa bed comes with its own handheld AC powered pump which makes the job of it inflating it very easy.

Once you have pumped up the mattress you will find that the weight capacity will take up to 650lbs.

This should be more than enough to make anyone feel comfortable and supported whether they are sitting or sleeping.


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    • active40 profile image

      active40 5 years ago from England

      Just wrote a post about being a student and needing a sofa and a bed.

      could of done with one of them at the time.

      Bit squeaky I should imagine

    • dablufox profile image

      dablufox 7 years ago from Australia

      Never seen an inflatable sofa bed before, but I wouldn't want to have kids.