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Dora Explorer Bedroom Furniture – Dora Explorer Beds

Updated on January 27, 2011
Dora Explorer canopy bed
Dora Explorer canopy bed

If your little daughter loves everything to do with Dora the Explorer, you can bring her even more joy by decorating her bedroom with the wide range of Dora Explorer furniture that is available to buy online from Amazon. Here are just a few beautiful items that would be perfect for any little girl’s bedroom.

Dora the Explorer Toddler Bed with Canopy

This is a completely adorable Dora the Explorer bed for a toddler. It is suitable for children aged 24 months up to 4 years old. This means that you will definitely get an excellent amount of use out of it before you have to think about replacing it with a larger model.

All the safety aspects are included in this little bed. It is made of sturdy and robust metal and plastic and it has safety side rails so that your child will not fall out of the bed or cause any injury to themselves. The headboard and footboard are very nicely decorated with images of Dora and these also function as elements that will keep your little one safe and secure in her bed.

This is a low level bed so it is not too far off the ground. This will enable your little one to gain independence by being able to get themselves in and out of their bed with ease and with safety.

You will find that a standard crib mattress is all that you need to add in order to make a very comfortable bed. This is a Dora canopy bed and you can choose to use it with or without the canopy attached.

Dora Explorer flip open sofa bed
Dora Explorer flip open sofa bed

Dora the Explorer Flip-Open Sofa Bed

If you are looking for extra sleeping space for when little friends and family members come to visit, you could think about buying this beautiful flip open sofa bed.  It is big enough to seat two preschoolers in comfort and is easy to look after. 

There is a detachable slumber bag that you can easily remove in order to wash.  The fabric is machine washable so you just need to place it in your washing machine and you can have it back on your sofa bed in no time at all.

There are lots of images of the adorable Dora and her little friend Boots the monkey that are embroidered all over this brightly coloured sofa.

Dora the Explorer wooden toddler bed
Dora the Explorer wooden toddler bed

Dora the Explorer Wooden Toddler Bed

This is another example of a Dora the Explorer inspired bed. It is a wooden toddler bed that is made from solid wood construction.

There is a removable safety rail as well as a leg that has been positioned underneath the centre of the bed in order to improve and give extra support for sturdiness.

A standard bed mattress is adequate for this bed frame and once you have assembled it, you will find that it is long lasting and will look cute in your daughter’s bedroom.


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