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Cardboard Storage Boxes with Lids

Updated on November 15, 2014

Use Cardboard Storage Boxes around your Home and Office

If you're finding yourself overwhelmed by the clutter of paperwork; bills, tax forms, receipts, greeting cards and the like, you need somewhere to store those important papers away so that you can regain peace of mind. Cardboard storage boxes with lids are a very appropriate way to keep those documents out of the way, but within reach when necessary to locate or review. While documents are widely used for storing files to keep a business or home office neat and organized, these boxes are also great for storing housewares, clothes, accessories and so much more.

When you're looking for these types of storage boxes, you want to have a nice, sturdy box that will stand the test of time, different sizes that are appropriate for your needs, be they linens or housewares or your important documents. Also, price point and ease of assembly is very important. You want quality boxes that will still fall within your budget range and won't take a ton of time to set up.

Bankers Boxes

A nice, basic set of boxes to get you started on your way toward organizing your goods are these Bankers boxes. These are basic duty boxes that set up easily and are great to use for moderate stacking or to be shelved. You get a set of 6 for under $15 and they will hold legal as well as letter sized documents. Customers rave about the affordable price as well as their durability.

Stackable Boxes

If you need something just a bit sturdier and stylish, Bankers also makes a stackable, very chic looking box with a translucent window. This added window feature is really great. It makes locating your items very simplistic, which will take away from having to label everything to know what boxes are holding which items. You get four of these boxes that you can stack and hideaway in your closet or on shelves for just over $20. Can't beat that price and customers rave about how easy they are to assemble, the sturdy plastic handles that are included which makes carrying them a breeze and how stylish they are. Great to use when you don't have a lot of closet space and you have to have them out on open shelves since they are decorative.

Decorative Cardboard Boxes

If you want a set of various sized boxes that will easily stack and have the feature to nest inside of one another, these Present Time decorative boxes are definitely worth looking at. You get eight assorted sized boxes that are great for gift giving or storage. You can use these for a plethora of different types of items or keeping your crafts and knickknacks in. There are different, fun and unique loveable prints on each box so they're definitely easy to look at You won't feel like you have to keep them hidden away. These boxes are made of heavy duty cardboard so they'll stand the test of time and the price of around $16 makes them easy on the wallet as well.

Underbed Storage Boxes

If you're trying to get your items organized and tucked away, but a lack of storage space makes this a hindrance, these Bankers underbed storage boxes are a fabulous fix. They fold flat when you're not using them, have that translucent sleeve to easily see what's in your box and of course that stylish print that is on the aforementioned shelf counterparts. These boxes come in a small storage size and hiding your items in plain sight has never been easier with these fabulous cardboard storage boxes. You get a pack of two for just under $25.

Vinyl Album Storage Boxes

Storing some vinyls, but can't seem to find the right sized box to hold them? Fret no longer! These BCW boxes were designed specifically for storing your vinyl records, but don't limit yourself to just records! The increased space will add up when storing clothing and accessory items, including shoes and all of your housewares or document needs as well. At just around $6 per box, you can buy them by the bunch. They store up to 65 records, so don't get rid of your classic albums because you can't seem to find a place to hold them. Make the investment in these and you'll be glad that you did.

An Inexpensive Way of Home Organisation

From re-organizing your closets to de-cluttering your office, you'll find what you need to get it done, stay within your budget and make your living and working space easy to look at and function in. At the end of the day, that feeling of being organized makes us all breathe a bit easier and be less frazzled, don't you think?


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    • MopHolder profile image


      3 years ago

      If up until now you had no home organization in your pantry don't start out with the goal of a pantry stocked for a year of meals.


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