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Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Updated on October 28, 2009

In order to keep your home as clean as possible, you will need to invest in at least some kind of carpet cleaning equipment.  Carpet cleaning equipment comes in many shapes and sizes so you need to think about a few things before you go looking for carpet cleaning equipment to buy.  First, how dirty is your carpet?  Some people only have one or two carpeted rooms in their homes that are seldom traveled so they never get very dirty.  For these people, a vacuum cleaner could be a sufficient choice for their carpet cleaning machine.  Other people have a carpeted foyer that is constantly being trampled by dirty shoes and feet.  For these individuals, a heavy duty steam cleaner might be a better choice.  Think about how dirty the floor is before you choose your home carpet cleaning equipment.

Second, do you have the time and ability to clean the carpets yourself?  You might have all of the best intentions and hope that your purchase of the best carpet cleaning equipment money can buy will inspire you to clean your carpets weekly.  Alternatively, carpet cleaning machine rental could be a good option for you.  I personally do not have the time to clean my carpets and then wait for them to dry before using them again.  Therefore, I forgo carpet cleaning equipment rental and pay a professional to come in with commercial carpet cleaning equipment to get the job done quickly and up to high standards.  When cleaned by a professional they can use carpet cleaning machines with very high suction like truck mount carpet cleaning equipment and you can usually use your carpet again the same day or the next day after cleaning.  Home steam cleaners are not as efficient and you might have to wait a few days before your carpet is completely dry.  It is important to wait for the carpet to be dry and get all of the water and soap out of the carpet because you can experience problems like wicking and resoiling if you do not.  Wicking is when the carpet is not completely dry and water that is left behind gradually works its way to the top of the carpet bringing with it any dirt that was left behind.  Resoiling is when there is a shampoo residue left on the carpet after cleaning and dirt and grime sticks to it easily.

If you are lucky enough to have the time to clean your carpets yourself, you need to look carefully at all the carpet cleaning equipment for sale and read all of the carpet cleaning equipment reviews before you make a decision. One possible problem that might occur with your purchase is a lack of replacement carpet cleaning equipment supplies, parts, or service contract. You are most likely not an expert so make sure that you can call upon one in the event that your machine breaks or needs new parts. Another possible problem to watch out for is that the machine is difficult to get back together when you take it apart for cleaning. If possible, go to the store and practice taking the machine apart and putting it back together. You could save yourself many headaches by making sure the machine is easy to use before you buy.  One series of machines that has gotten good reviews are Shark steam cleaners.  If you do not want to spend the money on a new machine, used carpet cleaning equipment could be a good choice, or you could just get carpet cleaning equipment for rent when you need it.

If cleaning your own carpets is too hard or if you o not have the time. Consider hiring a professional. If you live in the Dallas area, a good choice is Dalworth Clean. There are Dalworth carpet cleaning coupons on their website and getting a good industrial grade cleaning occasionally could be just as good an investment as purchasing your own carpet cleaning machine.

Rug Doctor Review

I recently evaluated a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner that I rented from my local grocery store. I usually do major cleaning in my home twice a year so I wanted to clean my carpets this fall. I used it to clean the carpet in a family room that sees a large amount of traffic and has many stains and lots of grime and wear. Overall, I am pleased with the results. In my experience, I do not think that the Rub Doctor is very good at stain removal. There was a slight lessening of the stains, but they definitely were not removed. Targeted spot cleaning was required to get out the stains. However, the Rug Doctor did a very good job of pulling the dirt and grime from deep within my carpet. The entire carpet almost looked a different color.

I did two passes with the Rug Doctor waiting approximately 24 hours between each pass. If I have one complaint about the machine, it is its maneuverability. It was a little hard to maneuver the Rug Doctor around furniture or corners. Also, when I got close to the wall, it was hard to turn the machine to start a new pass. But these issues are small in comparison to the satisfaction that I got out of the cleaning. I would recommend the u Doctor to anyone who wants to give their carpets a good cleaning at an affordable price. I rented my machine for $30 a day, but that rate is probably different at different stores. Good luck!


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      carpet cleaning littleton 7 years ago

      Truck mounts have more solution pressure and water temperature than you need for carpet cleaning. A truck mount usually has more vacuum pressure than a portable too,