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Carpet Cleaning Machines

Updated on August 25, 2009

Carpets get dirty no matter who you are and who lives in your home. That is why you occasionally will need to clean your carpets. There are several different kinds of carpet cleaning machines to choose from depending on how dirty your carpet is. You can choose carpet cleaning machine rental or you can look for carpet cleaning machines to buy. The decision depends on how often you plan to clean your carpets. If you will be using home carpet cleaning machines two to three times per month then purchasing a carpet cleaner makes more sense than renting. If you only deep clean your carpets once every quarter then rental carpet cleaners are more practical. There are also special commercial carpet cleaning machines like truck mount carpet cleaning machines that can only be used by professional carpet cleaning services and are not meant for individual homeowners to rent or buy. This type of carpet cleaning is usually reserved for intense cleanings performed once a year or even less frequently. If you live in the Dallas area then Dalworth Carpet Cleaning is a good choice for your professional cleaning.

The Vacuum Cleaner

The first type of carpet cleaning machine is the vacuum cleaner. Because you use this type so often, almost everyone owns his or her own vacuum cleaner. There are several types of vacuum cleaners including upright, canister, and hand held. Upright vacuums are the easiest to use because there are no extra carpet cleaning machine parts to drag behind like there are with the canister variety. A canister vacuum cleaner has an upright piece that you move around and a canister that drags behind where the vacuum bag is installed. The canister style of vacuum is more old fashioned and seems to be going out of style. The one advantage this type of sweeper has is that the upright piece is much smaller and easier to maneuver than the complete upright vacuum. Finally, hand held vacuum cleaners are great for vacuuming upholstery, lampshades, or hard to reach areas where your regular vacuums cannot go. Of course vacuum cleaners only clean the carpet surface. For a more intense carpet cleaning you will need to look at other carpet cleaning machines reviews.

The Steam Cleaner

The next type of carpet cleaning machine that you might consider is the carpet steam cleaner. A carpet steam cleaner machine uses steam to draw dirt out of the carpet surface, the carpet fibers, and the carpet base. As the steam is injected into the carpet, it loosens dirt and then the high suction vacuums up water and dirt alike. It is worthwhile to do a carpet cleaning machines comparison between rented and purchased steam carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning machines for sale are usually larger than the ones you rent at the store so you can clean a room faster than you can with a rented machine. In addition, purchased steam cleaners typically offer more suction so they leave the carpet dryer, which is very important. Finally, there is risk in renting a carpet cleaning machine because you really do not know where it has been before your home. There have been stories about steam cleaners having pet hair and oil stains on the bottom that end up staining your carpet even more. Even though in general a purchased stem cleaner is superior to a rented one it is important to make sure you are getting the right cleaner for your home. Look at carpet cleaning machines ratings and reviews to make sure your purchase is a good one. A machine that has gotten good reviews is the Euro Pro SC505 Shark portable pro steam cleaner.

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning

While steam cleaners are widely recognized as giving the best cleaning to your carpets, some problems might encourage you to try another type of carpet cleaning equipment. The first major problem is called wicking. This is when water that is left behind after you run the steam cleaner starts to migrate to the surface of the carpet and carries any dirt or grime left behind with it. The second major problem is resoiling. This is when dirt sticks to the shampoo residue left behind after a steam cleaning. The next type of carpet cleaning machine eliminates both of these problems because it is dry and there is no shampoo left behind. This method is called dry foam with encapsulation technology.

When carpets are cleaned by dry foam, the chemicals are worked into a carpet with a very fast spinning brush that actually vibrates the base of the carpet and loosens the dirt. The chemicals trap the dirt in a suspension and then the particles are crystallized. The crystallized particles are easy to vacuum up and leave behind no residue. One possible down side to this type of cleaning is the fact that you have to introduce chemicals to your home. If you have small children who are still crawling or pets, then you might want to stick with steam cleaning.


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      10 years ago

      The best carpet cleaning machine for home users is vacuum cleaner. It is easy to operate compared to other devices.

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      Eva Cramer - Carpet Cleaning Machines 

      10 years ago

      I'm interested in carpet cleaning services for the office. Thanks for posting this amazing hub about carpet cleaning it absolutely was informative. Awesome video clip this was very useful. I also enjoy the list of machines I can choose from. I will browse their reviews asap.


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