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Cast Iron Cookware And The Dutch Oven

Updated on April 26, 2015

Cast Iron Cookware And The Dutch Oven

Cooking with cast iron cookware like a cast iron skillet or a dutch oven has been a way to cook hearty and healthy dishes for a couple centuries now.

Some of these versatile and durable cast iron cookwares have even been passed from one generation to the next because they have been seasoned with care over the years while cooking those daily or nightly meals.

What makes cooking with cast iron nice for example cast iron skillets, is that the heat is transfered uniformly across the entire pan while cooking food so along the edges heats equally as in the middle of the skillet.

Cast iron skillets and dutch ovens like other more conventional cookware comes in a variety of sizes. Other types of cast iron cookware are the pizza pans, woks, flat bacon skillets and more.

[ * Careful precautionary cleaning is needed when cleaning the cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. Do not scratch the seasoned inside surface with abrasive utensils. Wash with hot water and a light cloth with mild soap. ]

Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron cookware like the wok works well for cooking those dishes that need the higher sides for cooking.

Whats nice about the cast iron wok is that the heat is transfered to the upper sides.

What this means is that cooking can be concentrated in the lower half of the wok while keeping the food at a warmer temperature on the upper half of the wok.

A final stir brings all the food in the wok to a nice hearty temperature.

[ * Careful precautionary cleaning is needed when cleaning the cast iron wok. Do not scratch the seasoned inside surface with abrasive utensils. Wash with hot water and a light cloth with mild soap. ]

Cast Iron Handle Holders

A hot handle holder is nice for handling the warm cookware. Used in place of a pot holder they fit snuggly around the cast iron skillet or wok handle.

There are different colors to choose from and these are machine washable if needed.

EZ slip on and off provides a safe handle holder reducing the burning of hands while cooking.

Oven Mitt

Taking special care handling hot skillet handles with an max temp oven mitt is another safe way to handle the hot cookware.

Dutch Oven Tote Bags

Cooking with a dutch oven and other cast iron cookware while on the road or camping is great.

Nothing like stirring up a pot of sausage and gravy over an open fire spreading the savory scent out into the open air.

To bring along a dutch oven will keep it safe from scratching and damage that could harm the seasoned insides. Protecting it with a nice dutch oven tote bag will do the trick while traveling to and from the camping site.

Dutch Oven Tripod

The dutch oven tripod is not only a great piece of camping equipment to bring along with on a camping trip to cook a delicious meal with a dutch oven, it also makes cooking fun and easy on those summer cookouts or camping trips.

These are great extended over an open fire as a way to hang a nicely seasoned dutch oven for cooking.

Who says you have to be camping to use the tripod for cooking, if you have a backyard fire pit and want to cook up a fine dish while the fire burns then by all means break out the tripod, dutch oven and some tasty tender vittles for simmering.

Lid Lifter

Cooking over a open fire with a dutch oven is handy and fun, but being safe is always number one when cooking around an open fire.

Lodge and a few other companies make dutch oven lid lifters that are quite easy to use.

These irons have a long handle with a sturdy hook for picking up the very hot lids.

Remember cast iron transfers the heat so the lids may be just as hot as the rest of the oven.

Dutch Oven Cookbooks

There are some great old style dutch oven recipes to use.

To get some great ideas with a nice dutch oven cookbook can be a healthy choice.

Traditional cooking recipes work but well but sometimes an added extra step may be needed when cooking with a dutch oven.

Really the dutch oven is very easy to cook with.

Like any fine recipe adding the ingredients and cooking at proper temperature is important.

So with a dutch oven its the same.

Insuring that the food is cooked and not over cooked is what will give perfect results when cooking with cast iron cookware and the dutch oven.


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    • WoodsmensPost profile image

      WoodsmensPost 7 years ago from Arizona

      Thanks BigSerious- We have several size skillets also and we have a cookbook and handle holder that was given to us as a gift. We like the wok best but use the 12" dutch oven often for special dishes.

    • BigSerious profile image

      Christen Roberts Comer 7 years ago from Harrisburg, PA

      I had no idea about the Dutch Oven cookbooks! Thank you! We love our skillet cookware. Wok, dutch oven, 15" skillet and the smaller sizes. Easy and fast to clean; healthy; chemical-free... love them. :)