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Chamberlain Garage Door Openers - Reviews, Prices, Discounts, Buy Online

Updated on March 19, 2012

Chamberlain garage door openers are one of the most popular garage door openers in the world. In this article we will take a closer look at Chamberlain garage doors, get some details about the company, review Chamberlain garage door opener prices, look for any discounts and also have a look at some customer reviews to see what kind of quality Chamberlain can actually deliver to you the customer.

In more recent years automatic garage door openers have become very popular. They are no longer overly expensive and you can often install the technology on your own. Chamberlain garage door openers are designed for that purpose. They use a simple mechanism that is easy to install, this gives almost anyone the opportunity to have their very own automatic garage door opener. So now let’s have a close look at the company behind the name.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers - The Company

Chamberlain is an American company that is a part of the Duchossois Industries cooperation. This is a massive multinational company of which Chamberlain is just a small part. Chamberlain is based in Illinois but they have headquarters all over the world in countries such as Germany and Mexico. Currently Chamberlain are the global leaders when it comes to garage door openers, this is an achievement they are very proud of and they take their responsibly to their millions of customers world wide very seriously.

Chamberlain garage door openers are aimed at people who are happy to give DIY a go themselves. They provide the parts and you can provide the skills to install the garage door openers. Although they do sell many of their products to member of the public who are willing to give it a go themselves, they also are more than happy to come and fit the equipment for you. They often sell industrial products to big companies and these require a little more skill when it comes to installation, so they have a team of professionals on hand who are capable of any job when it comes to automatic garage door openers.

For more information you can visit their website, or you can get a free estimate to install a Chamberlain opener. It’s not just garage door openers that Chamberlain provide, they also sell gate openers and a few other helpful products.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers - The Product

So if you are thinking of buying a garage door opener, what exactly are you looking at? Well Chamberlain offer three different varieties of garage door opener. The fact is depending upon your circumstances you may have to select a specific model. The three garage door openers are quite basic. The basic models are the belt drive garage door openers, the chain drive garage door openers and the screw drive garage door openers. Let’s have a quick look at each product.

Belt Drive - This is probably the most popular of the models. The belt drive system uses a very quiet mechanism that will keep noise to a minimum when it use. This is a very smooth running garage door opener that is ideal if your garage is connected to your house. For a good all round product this is a very good one.

Chain Drive - The chain drive mechanism is a slightly more hardcore version. These are also very popular choices as they are thought to be very durable and hard wearing, if you want a product that is going to last you year after year then this one may well be for you.

Screw Drive - Another product that is designed in a way that will keep noise to a minimum. However the screw drive has the added feature of reliability in extreme temperatures. So when everything else is frozen up, this garage door opener should still be running smoothly.

Whatever product you choose they come with a warranty, some of these last for two years whereas some of them are lifetime warranties, it depends upon which model you choose. You can get a full list of features over at the Chamberlain website.

Chamberlain Commercial

Chamberlain Prices & Discounts

So how much should you be looking to pay for a Chamberlain garage door opener. Well as you would expect it depends on what product you go for and what your specific needs are. The prices however are quite reasonable, for a basic system you may well be able to pick one up for $170. That is just for the basic garage door opener, with that you get the opener, 2 three button remote controls and also a keyless entry pad. Some of the systems are a little more expensive, some may even be slightly cheaper, but for $170 you should be able to pick up a basic system. Bear in mind though that Chamberlain models work on the assumption that you have a 7ft garage door, if your measurements are different you will have to buy things like extension rails, these are not expensive though.

If you are looking for Chamberlain garage door opener discounts then you may be able to pick up some good bargains over at Amazon. There are currently a few models on discount so you may be able to pick up a bargain. Chamberlain also sometimes do promotional offers over on the website, this is a good place to pick up a good discount, for instance at the moment they have a 50% discount on the premium accessory pack. So it’s well worth having a look.

Chamberlain Reviews


It’s all very well sitting here and telling you how wonderful Chamberlain garage door openers are. The website is very well designed and as you would expect they big themselves up quite a lot. But what do the customers have to say? How good are Chamberlain really? Well I’ve had a look few a few reviews and here’s the general gist of what I found.

The Good - To be honest, the vast majority of Chamberlain reviews are good. Users often mention how easy installation is. There are repeated comments about how quiet the mechanism is, one user said he sleeps above his garage and if his wife comes home when he’s in bed he never hears the door opening. There are a few good comments amount the fact that the product is well packaged on arrival and that the instructions are all easy to follow. There are plenty of comments that say there have been no problems with Chamberlain garage door openers. In general I would say 90% of the reviews I have read about Chamberlain are good ones.

The Bad - With any product however there is always going to be someone not happy. So let’s have a look at a few negative points. A few customers said that they felt there could have been more parts included, all the basics are there but if you need extra brackets, screws etc… you end up having to buy your own. Another issue that a few people mention is that they have had problems getting the remote to work, they often have to get out of the car and blip the remote from closer to the garage. One thing of note though is that two poor reviews I read actually had edits, the customer had gone back and added how excellent the customer support from Chamberlain had been. So even if you do have an issue they are quick to help.

So overall things look really positive if you want to buy a Chamberlain garage door opener. They come with full easy to understand installation instructions and are easy to put up as long as you have some basic DIY knowledge. If you are looking for a good quality, reliable garage door opener that is affordable, then I suggest you look no further than Chamberlain. So what are you waiting for, stop clambering out of your car every day to pull open that garage door, buy yourself a Chamberlain garage door opener.

The New Chamberlain Opener

New For 2012

Since initially writing this article Chamberlain have been busy developing their technology and looking to bring out exciting new products. So for 2012 there is a new product they are offering. Admittedly it’s nothing that is going to revolutionise garage door opener technology but it is still a nice little opener with some excellent feature. So Chamberlain’s latest release is the Whisper Drive ¾ HPS.

This new opener is a belt drive system with a few extra features which should improve the overall performance. First of all, as you would expect with a name like Whisper Drive, it is very quiet, in fact it is probably the quietest opener around at the moment. Another very positive new feature is the fact that this comes with a backup battery. So if the power goes out in your home this will still work. To some people this will be extremely useful. Another clever new feature is that this one has a timer which means if you don’t close it yourself it will eventually shut for you. Perfect for if you are dashing out and forget to close your garage door, you can adjust the timer settings and use the one minute, five minute or ten minute setting.

Other than that this is a pretty standard opener from Chamberlain. The extra features are no doubt useful and to some people they may be just ideal. Overall this is a nice opener and no doubt one that will sell very well in 2012 for the company.


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