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Buy Universal Garage Door Opener Remotes Online - Prices, Reviews

Updated on March 20, 2012

In this article we take a look at some of the best universal garage door opener remotes on the market. We give you some remote reviews, universal remote prices and also tell you where you can buy them online. This page will basically tell you everything you need to know about garage door opener universal remote controls.

In recent years garage door openers have become more and more popular. Usually when you purchase a garage door opener you are provided with a remote control. However these can easily be lost. Hence the need for a replacement. A great idea is to buy a universal garage door opener remote, the are affordable and very handy little gadgets. But before we look at prices and where to buy online, let’s find out a little bit more about how they work.

How Universal Remotes Work

It may seem odd that you can buy one single remote that will operate with the vast majority of modern garage door openers. But this does not mean you can simply walk down the street opening everyone’s door as you please. The universal remotes are a little more technical than that. Rather than having one universal frequency, each garage door opener has it’s own frequency it sends out and receives. So when you buy a new remote, you must sync your control with your own specific garage door opener.

To programme your new remote to your garage door opener is pretty simple. Obviously different brands of remote have different ways of bringing the two systems into sync, but generally it’s simply a case of pressing a few buttons and getting a few confirmation beeps. There are basic user manuals that come with each remote and you will also find that the original opener manual will come in handy in this regard. If you are still struggling there are various tutorials you can watch online that will give you the details of how this is done or you can click here and get some help with garage door openers.

Reviews & Prices Of The Best Remotes

So now you know what they do and how exactly they work, which model should you go for. There are a few big names out there when it comes to garage door openers and these are generally trusted manufacturers will good reputations. The prices vary but are generally pretty reasonable, so let’s have a brief look at some of the best universal garage door opener remotes.


Probably the most well known name when it comes to garage door openers. Chamberlain are a company that have been going for many years and they are often seen as the market leader. But how does their universal remote compare to other on the market? Well the one we are looking at has two buttons which means you can programme to separate frequencies, a handy feature. The remote comes with clear instructions on how to programme it. This is a nice size of remote that fits nicely into your hand but is not so small that it will get lost. Price wise this is a little more expensive than some others but it does have probably the best reputation of the remotes we reviewed. All round you can’t go far wrong with a Chamberlain universal remote.


Liftmaster are actually an offshoot of the Chamberlain company, so again this is a pretty good quality remote. The range does not seem to be quite as good on this one but there are two buttons you can programme to two separate frequencies. The remote comes with simple instructions on how to operate and this one is a cheaper price than the previous one we looked at. Although it is not quite as good quality, if you are looking for value then this is a good one to go for.


If you are looking for rock bottom prices then this one is for you. The Firefly remote is not compatible with every garage door system going, but it will work with many. The simple key chain design is very handy and very user friendly. There is only one button on this one so you can’t programme more than one door. Easy to set up but not always that reliable. If you want a discount remote then this one is worth a try.


The final product we are looking at is the Skylink remote. This one is tiny and very handy if you just want to keep it in your pocket, that said it could easily be lost. This one has a very good range on it and is simple to programme. It is compatible with most openers and it also has a good reputation for being reliable. This one also comes with a small mounting bracket so it’s easy to keep the remote safe. Overall a good remote if you want a small handy one.

So there you have it, four very popular universal remotes that all have their own plus points. If you are looking to buy online then Amazon is probably your best bet. The prices here are very reasonable and there are plenty of sellers offering these products. Plus if one of these remotes is not the one you are looking for you can still browse around and find one over there that will match your needs.

Since writing this article there have been a few new products released from certain companies. As far as we are aware all these remotes still seem to work very well with the new models of garage door opener. Although they are new products the technolgy used is pretty much the same so the remotes on this page still work just fine.

Having a universal garage door opener really is handy. The fact is that remotes are easily lost or they can be stepped on or driven over if you are not careful. So quite often you will need a replacement remote. Buying a universal one is smart as it means that if you move to a new home or simply buy a new opener, you will still be able to use your universal remote. Hopefully the ideas and reviews on this page will have proven useful and you can now make an educated decision as to which product to buy.


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