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Choosing the right leather lounge suite for your home

Updated on October 10, 2010

Furnishing your home is important and requires that you keep both pricing and style in mind.  A leather lounge suite is quite possibly one of the biggest decisions that one could make during the design phase of their living room layout.  With many elegant colors and themes to choose from, it can be difficult to make a final decision, especially if you are not the only one pitching in on the cost. Some people just want to get it out of the way.  Be done with it and move on.  However, I assure you that taking the time to choose the right lounge suite for you can go a long way and will not only change the way you feel about your home but change your family and friends or relatives who come to visit.

The right furniture can put the right image in your visitor’s minds and give you peace of mind at the same time.  More importantly, taking your time can mean saving money because if you rush through the whole process, you are likely to get a bad deal on some furniture that you will regret in the near future.  There are many different colors to choose from and this is where we will start because choosing the right color can make all the difference.

A black leather lounge suite is likely to fit in with a darker theme.  If you have rich wood floors and dark wood stained furniture to match, this color can definitely be a winner.  However, it is not for everyone and particularly not for every theme.  In some settings a dark sofa can look tacky and stick out like a sore thumb, especially if you have white carpet and everything else is cream color.  Other known facts about the black styles are that they do not show stains very well.  If you have a large family and allow them to eat and drink on the furniture, this can be your best bet.

For those exotic living rooms, you may be interested in a red leather lounge suite.  With this being a more vibrant color compared to other styles, it is harder to match it up with a good theme but if done correctly it can complement wonderfully and be the missing piece that one has longed for.  Dark cherry wood floors, light and dark brown accents and some other hints of red will surely be necessary for this style to complement correctly.  Be sure to check your local furniture shops for more ideas on how to improve on your theme.  Remember that having more of one color in your layout can really help when trying to please the eye.

If black is too dark and red is too exotic, many will find themselves comfortable with the standard brown leather lounge suite. Not too fancy and not too plain is why so many people have chosen this particular style. One negative thing that some have to say is that it is the worst for stains. If a family member spills their morning coffee all over it, then it will definitely stick out like a sore thumb unless you get some stain remover on it as soon as possible. Many company’s offer services for getting stains out of light-colored leather and do so at a reasonable price. If you are really interested in this style, one of the best solutions to keep stains off is to keep food and drinks off! Designate other furniture for these purposes and you will never need to call the cleaning company!

Not fancy enough you say?  Then you may want to check out some of the Italian leather lounge suite styles that are available today.  Some used and most new, you should be able to find something both for your tastes and your wallet.  Depending on your particular style and methods, these can tend to be more expensive than the other styles mentioned.  They usually have more artwork in the leather fabric and are made to match a more narrowed theme.  A theme that is usually pickier than a traditional earth or daylight-white theme but can be that much more rewarding if you get all the pieces to fit.

If all the above are just too modern for your old school style, then why not purchase a vintage leather lounge suite. Good luck trying to find any legitimate vintage furniture in any of today’s furniture stores, because most only sell brand name, brand new items. However, there are still a few shops open around the globe that buy and sell vintage furniture. As well as online stores and medium to large scale auctions. Finding these pieces for your home can be very rewarding and may embark you on quite an adventure. Check garage sales and family members to see what they have lying around. Vintage stores are often very pricey but if you shop around long enough and check yard sales throughout your community, you are bound to come across something that matches your theme and budget at the same time.

There are many other styles, colors and options to choose from and it would be impossible to name them all in one article – in fact, you couldn’t fit them all in a 500 page book! It all comes down to what your existing theme looks like, how much time you want to invest, and how much money you are willing to throw down. Taking the time to choose the right furniture is likely to give you no regrets in the future and also gives you something to hand down through the generations and not feel bad about it.


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