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Chrome Polish Tricks

Updated on July 23, 2010

I have had a love affair with the look of chrome since my first muscle car. Chrome’s amazing finish gives it a look that is like no other surface. From cars to home fixtures, chrome is beautiful and extremely durable if properly taken care of. You need to not only keep your chrome clean, but you need to protect it from getting pitted, which will destroy its look forever. You need my chrome polish tricks to keep it looking great forever.

Usually, the easiest way to keep your chrome looking great forever is to clean up all messes as soon as possible. One great quick tip is to use dryer sheets to wipe down the chrome as it gets dirty. If your chrome has stuck on messes or needs a little cleaning power, dampen a clean clothe with rubbing alcohol. Scrub the chrome clean with the alcohol. The alcohol will break down just about anything on the chrome and it will dry extremely quickly as the alcohol evaporates.

For lightly tarnished chrome, I use Bar Keepers’ Friend. This powder does a great job at removing stains while not hurting the surface. Uses a clean, soft rag dampened with a little water and work the Bar Keepers’ Friend slowly on the surface. Use a circular motion to polish the surface. Bar Keepers’ Friend is great on almost every metal surface, even stainless steel. I am allergic to spray stainless steel cleaner and get horrendous bowel issues every time I ingest any of it, so this was a great find for me!

If your chrome has already lost some of its luster, go to your local automotive shop and get a can of Nevr-Dull Metal Polish. It comes in a small metal can with a red label. I have been in love with this stuff since the very first time that I used it. I even got my wife excited about it when I showed her what it could do to the chrome accents on the car her sister was getting ready to sell. Even if the chrome is rusted or pitted, Nevr-Dull will restore enough of the finish to make it look great again. It also leaves behind a light wax to help protect the finish. It can take a little work to restore a complete bumper on a car, but in the home it is awesome. I cleaned up my dad’s faucet in his utility closet with a pinch of Nevr-Dull and a few minutes of work. He was blown away by the results and you will be too!


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