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Citronella Pillar Candles -Bug Repelling Sweetness!

Updated on November 10, 2010

Citronella Pillar Candles

Many of you may know that citronella pillar candles put off an aroma when lit that will keep flies away from then. However as time has gone by many people have come to realize that the sent of citronella pillar candles is actually quite pleasant and will give any room they are put in an instant zap!

Citronella Pillar Candles Repel Bugs

Citronella pillar candles are usually found in yellow, but also can be commonly found in white so these candles can go with almost any decor you have created for your porch or home.

Citronella pillar candles can be used inside your home, not only giving a fragrant lovely smell to your home but also keeping flies out of it, or you can bring the citronella pillar candles on the porch with you on a summer evening to set the mood and keep your evening bug free.

Not only do citronella pillar candles keep away flies but they will also drive of misquotes as well.

How Long Do Citronella Pillar Candles Burn?

Common time for a citronella pillar candle to burn is between 15-20 hours. So one single citronella pillar candle really will last the whole evening. However a lot of people like to lite more then one citronella pillar candle at a time, 

How Many Citronella Pillar Candles Will I Need?

Most citronella pillar candles will be able to keep a small outdoor deck, or dining room bug free easily. However if you are wanting to keep a whole room of larger size bug free, get a couple of citronella pillar candles and lace them around the room.

Citronella Pillar Candles Make Great Gifts!

When buying citronella pillar candles most people are not sure if they will really do what they say they will, keeping bugs away. However people are astounded how well they work, and will keep a citronella pillar candle or two on hand at all times.

Citronella pillar candles also make great gifts, Christmas, birthday, housewarming. You name it these candles will be appreciated for sure!


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