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Clean And Organized House

Updated on April 11, 2013

Everyone likes a clean and organized house. But if you are a working woman, then sometimes it is very difficult to manage your house as you really want to. You can follow these simple tips to keep your house clean, and manage your work in an organized manner, along with your career, husband, and kids.

Use a Planner:

Sometimes it is difficult to remember what you have planned about a certain thing. It is better to write down the things you want to do. For this, you must have a planner. Write your plans on the planner, and keep it somewhere from where it is in your easy access. You can keep it on your refrigerator, near your phone, or on your bed’s side table. Write all the important house chores and activities that you want to do in this planner. If you travel frequently, select a planner that you can put in your pocket, or purse. If your husband tells you that he would not be able to pick your younger son from a party next week, write it down in your planner. There are high chances that you can forget it because of your busy schedule. But, with the help of planner, you’ll not forget it.

Review your Day:

Before going to bed, take out sometime for yourself, and think about the things that you have to do the next day. Think what you have done the whole day, and what could you do to make things better next time. Write down your experience in the planner, and the jobs that have to be completed in coming days. You may be too tired, and only wants to get asleep, but the few minutes you plane about the next day can help you to reduce stress over you.

A Day, a Specific Task:

Make a list of all the things that you have to do weekly. Assign a day for each specific job. For instance, weekend is the time when all the family can sit together, so Friday would be best for cleaning your house. Try to shop for your grocery on Thursday, as the stores usually get crowded on Friday. You can do your laundry on Monday, so that your family gets enough clean clothes for the rest of the week.

Devote a Day to your House:

Devote a whole day once in month to your home. Wash your bedding, curtains, windows, and floor, paint your dining room’s wall, organize your wardrobe.

Involve your Family with you:

While managing your home in Pakistan, you can also create and strengthen love bond in between the members of your family. Involve other family members in little chores, distribute the responsibility among them. You can discuss the matter with your husband, so he could better understand your point of view, and help you. Teach your kids from an early age. You should not expect much from them, but while working with you, they can learn to be disciplined.

Rest is also Necessary:

You should take a day off from all the chores. Spend time with yourself, or in doing anything that you love. Go for outing with your family, play with your kids, and be happy.


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