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Complete Guide on How to Convert to Green Energy

Updated on November 7, 2013
You don't need to live in a tent to be green
You don't need to live in a tent to be green

Switching to Green Without Sacrificing Comfort

Nowadays, there are more and more reasons to convert to green energy energy. One of the main reasons is to save Money on monthly energy costs. Another is to live a life knowing that you have actively contributed to help save the environment.
The environmental situation on our planet is even worse than scientists predicted in 2009, and the increase of the global demand for energy is affecting almost every nation on the planet.

I've compiled this information to help you prepare yourself to start saving Money every month by using renewable energy. I also tried to rethink solutions that don't force you into extreme habit and lifestyle changes so that you can benefit from the use of free renewable energy for the rest of your life without having to live in a tent.

Everything you read is of utmost urgency and importance as it covers one of the century's most important topics: Renewable energy to save our planet.

Why all the fuss about Green Energy?

As you've probably noticed, the signs of another imminent energy crisis are becoming too obvious. Every day, news changes the world, but unfortunately almost always in the same direction. The current hot news is about how the Egypt Riots disrupt the US Oil Supply, and how their control over the Suez Canal can disrupt the entire world's economy. These issues are serious, and they affect every single one of us.

We are currently running into the biggest energy crisis that doesn't seem to be stopping or showing signs of getting any weaker. Currently the demand for energy seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day, and strangely we've known all along that the forms of energy we are currently using are coming to an end. Fuel sources such as oil and gas are becoming more expensive as the demand for energy increases and with it we've destroyed our planet. We're the only ones to blame%u2026 us humans.

With so much exploration and perforation in the earth's crust, the energy reserves are becoming exhausted and the price for energy is shooting up. But why does it seem as if no one is doing anything to solve the problem?
It's just human nature%u2026 to go with the flow and follow blindly. However, each of us individually can make a difference, and let this crisis have very little impact on us. It's just a matter of going green!

New Energy Options

It is now our responsibility to look towards using Renewable Energy sources as a primary option instead of oil. Using a solution such as Solar Energy is extremely effective and replaces every indirect manner in which you use oil for power. Installing a wind or solar system at home can change the way you live, making you a global environmentally conscious citizen, and can save you thousands of dollars on energy every year.

How we can solve our Energy Crisis

We only have to acknowledge the importance of energy for our survival and stop taking it for granted by using it carelessly. We cannot let any energy go to waste as it is too valuable.
We have to become aware once and for all that our current major resources are very limited and that simple gestures in our everyday life can begin to shift us into another direction. Saving energy at home or work, in your car, or even adverting your neighbor to become more conscious about the exaggerated use of energy (which has very high future consequences for everyone), are just a few of the ways that you can get yourself ready for the following years to come.

Time is running out

We've only been using fossil energy sources and oil for the last 40 years, and we've already exhausted 50% of all resources. The more the human race grows, the larger the thirst for energy. Optimistic calculations return an alarming result. We only have about 25 years of Fossil Fuel left, and Renewable Energy IS the only option available.

Renewable Energy can Save our Planet

Renewable Energy sources are inexhaustible sources of energy obtained from the Nature that surrounds us, such as the sun or the wind.

"The importance of renewable energy has become so evident that in January 2011, the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, set a goal for the entire Nation: by 2035, 80% of all US Energy will be produced from Clean Energy sources."

Renewable Energy for your Home

Remember that the objective is to get you to change to Renewable energies without wasting so much money. It is important that you keep in mind that you don't even need to waste so much money calling in the large teams of solar panels installers. Depending on your demand, you can even install a kit yourself, just like this one (see to the top right) you can buy on Amazon.

The most common sources of renewable energy that you can use at your own home and save our planet are:

Solar Energy / Photovoltaic power:
Solar power or PV Technology as it is also termed, is definitely the best and most efficient source of energy to install at home. It brings immediate results with energy bill reduction, and can also be used to provide electricity for an entire home, thus compensating for all other renewable energy sources.

Wind power:
Using a wind turbine in your own property is also an effective way to produce electricity for the home. It can be very efficient in windy places, or even used in conjunction with a PV System. It converts airflows into wind energy by using wind turbines that produce the electricity. The amount of energy produced depends on the strength of the wind.

Solar thermal:
Solar Thermal systems are very common nowadays, but are limited to producing heat. They are used to replace gas water heating systems and can reduce costs of heating water over 80%. Some systems are used for interior heating too, and not only to produce hot water.

Geothermal heat:
This uses the heat provided from the earth itself with the aid of heat pumps, to provide heat for interiors. It can also work the opposite way around: take heat from a building interior and dissipate it into the ground, acting like an air conditioner. A system can help save between 20% and 70% on interior heating and cooling.

Derives directly from the use of living matter to produce energy, which is the main difference from Fossil Fuels. This counts with burning wood to keep your home warm during the winter. Although they are considered renewable, they are not green because they are not entirely clean and are exhaustible. So before considering energy production with these, please review your project to see where you can make changes. That is why we placed Biofuels last on this list.

The use of renewable energy in buildings and homes is a challenge, which requires previous study, but is not difficult at all. The objective is to capture as much energy as possible through a system efficient enough to provide energy for the entire building, and that depends on the sizes of the systems created.

Incentives to use Renewable Energy have risen in the last couple of years, mainly due to evident shortage of fossil fuels and the desperate need to reduce emissions of poisonous and harmful gases into the earth's atmosphere (greenhouse gases - the main cause of Global Warming)

The use of renewable energies such as solar panels and wind turbines are a way that literally anyone can save Money and the environment on a daily basis and get out of the crisis forever. They are very advantageous solutions in many ways mainly due to the fact that they use inexhaustible resources to produce energy, saving any home or business owner thousands of dollars every year on energy.
I used that term "get out of the crisis forever" because renewable energy is perpetual and can be yours as long as the sun shines and the wind blows, and you don't have to depend on any Electric Power Company ever again. This is called going off-Grid. (I'll get to that later on)

Ok Roger. Green is great! Now what?

So now that you know the basics, and are interested in saving money, going green, and interested in building your own green energy system at home, there are still some very important topics and things you still need to know before you begin.

Become a "Green" example to others first

It's true in the way that YOU, are the one that's interested in going forth with this, and expecting others to follow you isn't going to be easy. You should first prove to yourself that you can go forth with becoming energy independent, and then show others how you did it. It is better that way, because when you let the entire world know what you're up to before you do it, you will only be criticised which can lead to not even trying.
If you want to make the difference, go do it, and after you've done it tell others all about it.
You cannot imagine the arguments that can rise between people switching to green and others that won't even consider it. For your own sake, just go ahead with it!

Preparing yourself to Convert to green energy

Your objective is to do two things at once: Convert to green energy Energy, and Save Money by doing so, but you must first be adverted that it is not as simple as just reading this article. You must take action!
Starting is the most difficult part, because it involves a few aspects that you may not feel so comfortable with changing, but it is important that you realize that it is worth every single minute and cent that you invested in doing it. It doesn't take long, and it doesn't cost much. It's only up to your will power to do so.
We don't mean you have to radically alter your lifestyle (well%u2026 if you drive a SUV and have another 6 Ferrari's in your garage, pay a $10K Electricity bill every month and your last name is Hilton, maybe you can consider that last phrase void). However if you want to reduce your bills and end your energy dependence without having to live like a hippie, keep reading.
You might have your family living with you. Or maybe the kids are already grown up and out of your home. Maybe you even live on your own. In any of the cases, you are facing a new responsibility that is going to be quite big because you are going to have to do a bit of convincing to change a few habits around the house. Bad habits that is%u2026 The difference between telling friends about your switch, and family, is that family depends on you and lives with you every day. Friends don't live off your electricity.
So take your time to observe the details in your house, and places where you think that energy is being misused. Then, begin to change them gradually as you introduce Green Energy into your home. Switching from one day to another won't work.

You can drastically reduce your costs with energy by using green energy
You can drastically reduce your costs with energy by using green energy

Start the Saving Process

It's not only about saving money, that's the end result. To be able to convert to green energy, you must first start with details in your own lifestyle, and live in an energy efficient manner. Start observing your movements and habits this very moment. The objective is to take note and change habits where you know that energy is being wasted.
You can cut your energy use by 25% to 30% by unplugging electrical appliances while they are not being used for instance. It is true that they consume energy, even when they're off. They need to be unplugged, so go ahead and start unplugging.

Simple actions such as switching off a light when you're not in the room, not staring into a refrigerator for long periods of time and just making up your mind immediately about what you are doing there in the first place will actually help you save a ton of money at the end of a year.
But it shouldn't stop at home. You can take saving into your garden and at work too.
Walking or riding a bicycle, instead of driving all the time will save you a ton of money too, and can even save your life! Live life in superior quality by doing this. You will see that the outcome is even greater than that which you had imagined before. When your family and friends see you doing this, they will join you.

Most importantly: "Be the change that you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)

Living a new green lifestyle

Switching to Green Energy does not mean that you have to sacrifice your standards of living or your commuting and mobility standards. It means that you will slowly adapt your current and more efficient standards to those of a growing renewable energy system. It means that you will make the change gradually, until you adjust your standards to your new energy requirements. The main intention is to become more conscious about the way that you use energy in your everyday live, and expand your system to that level and beyond, and become a more responsible and conscious person.

In 2007, the Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) per person in the USA, was 18.9 metric tons (18 900 kilograms). And this measure is equivalent to only one person per year. Even though you may not realize it, your everyday life causes these emissions through transportation, energy use, appliances that you buy, the paper that you waste. Everything counts, and it's not good at all. Can you imagine now the impact that you alone create on the environment? Can you imagine an entire nation doing the same?

If you drive a car, think about the amount of fuel you literally burn every time you go to work or even to the local grocery store. Now imagine millions doing the same. The toxic pollutants that are emitted create dense clouds of smoke and fog over entire cities, choking everyone and every thing living there. It causes respiratory problems and other diseases that you are not immune to. All caused by man. So if you were given the choice to change to a different way, I think you would probably accept it.

At the end of this article, I share a link to a very important documentary that I recommend. It's called "HOME" - A Film by Yann Arthus Bertrand, which will show you exactly what I'm talking about.

It's time to make the change today.

Recommended Documentary

An Amazing 1h30 long Documentary that approaches the current debate about climate change from a whole new angle, giving viewers the opportunity to see for themselves how our earth is changing. Going well beyond the scientific reports, charts and graphs, this film is an inspiration that speaks to our hearts and touches our souls. You can watch it for FREE and in HD on YouTube.

Poll about living green

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    • LongTimeMother profile image


      5 years ago from Australia

      Hello Roger. I have gone green, live green, and write hubs to tell people about it. Perhaps you could add another option in your poll for those of us who are already off the grid. :)

      Voted up ++.


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