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Condo Beach: What To Consider When Purchasing A Condo On The Beach

Updated on May 23, 2009

A condo beach property sounds like heaven. The staggering number of beach condo rentals and beach condos for sale each year indicates that many people feel this way. Beachfront condos are prime real estate, but what do you consider when purchasing a beachfront condo?

Why Do You Want A Beach Front Condo?

The preliminary question is whether you want a beach condo for sale or a beach condo rental.  You may be choosing one for a vacation.  If so then you would want to choose one based on its ability to make your vacation as pleasant as possible. 

Do you have favorite attractions in the area?  If you do have favorite attractions then choose a beach condo rental that is located adjacent to those attractions.  There is no reason to be travelling a great distance every time you go to have fun if you can choose your own starting point.

If you are looking to buy a beach front condo then the question of location still applies.  You just want to make sure that it is located near your place of business and any other places that you frequently visit. 

You may be able to find a beachfront condo that is within walking distance of your place of work.  This will save on gas and allow you to take full advantage of a condo beach property.


How Much Do You Want To Spend On A Beach Condominium?

Price is always a factor in beach condos for rent and beach condos for sale.  You want to determine what current market values are before you attempt to marry the amount you want to spend with the reality of what that amount can get you. 

The difference between purchasing and renting may be a decision based on finances or on personal choice but should always be made with a firm grasp of the financial consequences of the oceanfront condo.  Beachfront condos can come with a hefty price tag.  Do not be swayed by the appeal of beach front condos if that price tag will weigh you down later.

How Much Room Do You Need?

Beach front condos, like all properties, come in a variety of sizes.  You may need a property just for yourself or for the entire family.  Larger units may be able to comfortably accommodate families while smaller units may be better suited to a quiet vacation with a shorter guest list. 

Children will necessitate more room.  This is true in other types of properties, and it is true in beach condominiums.  You do not wish to purchase an oceanfront condo only to find that the size of the unit cannot accommodate your entire party.  The condo's beachfront placement cannot overpower the space considerations even with the idyllic setting.

What Community Surrounds Your Beach Condominium?

This may sound like a repeat.  You have already considered the location of your beach condo and its proximity to the places you visit most, but this is a slightly different question. 

The community will determine the feel of your home.  It may be more laid back and quiet or the community may have an underlying feeling of energy and urgency.  Before you select a beach condo for sale, you want to ponder this issue.  You may wish to drive a little farther to work to enjoy a peaceful community when you get home. 

Beach condominiums are not islands.  They exist within communities and take on the personalities of their communities.  The choice of what community should house your beach condo is a matter of personal taste, but it is a choice you should make consciously. 

There will likely be condos for sale everywhere so be choosy.  Finding the right condo for sale is up to you.

Take A Look At Beach Condominiums

Get a feel for what is out there.  Beach condos are unique and cannot be sized up from a distance. 

Beach condos for rent and condos for sale are more than the sum of their parts so walk through any beach condos that strike your fancy.  This is the best way to see if their appeal holds up in the light of day and in the dark of night. 

Finding a condo for sale or seeking out beach condo rentals is a matter of looking at the practical side of paradise.  A condo beach property has the allure of its name and its promise but will become an every day reality for you.  Your condo beach property can be your own piece of paradise if you find the one that feels like paradise to you.

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