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Creating a Delightful Work Space that You Can Admire on a Budget

Updated on August 28, 2018

Upgrade Your Work Space

If your work space is the kitchen table, like mine was for years, you definitely need to invest in a proper desk. It doesn’t have to be an expensive desk with a roll top. It can be a table that is large enough to house your working space. You can venture to the thrift store and see their selection of furniture that covers tables and desks. You’re sure to come out with a cheap one.

For months a kitchen chair was my seat. Recently I spent a few dollars on a seat cushion and that kitchen chair doesn’t seem so hard now. Later on I might purchase a desk chair but until that time I’ll be saving. If you already have a computer chair that’s comfy, then you’re good to go. You can choose to add a throw or blanket to it to make it seem cozier in your work area. It’s the little upgrades that can make you comfortable enough to let the energy and creativity flow.

Organizing Your Writing Space on a Budget

Many of us sit at a desk to do our daily jobs. This might be at home, at an office building, school, anywhere behind a desk might be. Over time that desk is going to accumulate a lot of junk or at least junky enough to make important stuff look junky. If this reminds you of your desk, it’s time to organize it.

Money is always a sore subject when spending it on things that doesn’t seem to help in the now but long term organizing your desk could save you time when searching for that paperwork to give to your boss or scavenging last week’s notes on the latest trending topic. Having a proper place for everything on your desk is vital in having it organized.

Purchase Cheap Organizers and Bins

If you have a small shelf or side table that can work for storage, use this near your desk. It can hold bins or organizers to help store your everyday papers, forms, or important documents. You can revisit the thrift store to check out their selection of bins, tins, and other items that may serve as a paper holder, pencil holder, or another organizational tool for your desk. You can normally spend about $20 and organize your desk if done from clearance isles and thrift stores.

De-clutter Your Work Area

There are several items that you could probably do without in your work area. Of course some of them might be extra supplies that you’ve been saving up. These can be stored away in boxes away from your desk to be used when the time comes. Other things you might consider doing to de-clutter your desk are:

  1. Get rid of your extra pens and pencils that you do not use regularly

  2. Have a container or some type of compartment on, near, or in your desk for pocket stuff.

  3. Place a shelf near your desk that can hold all of the electronics.

  4. Take any documents that you have and scan them into files that can be saved on the computer.

  5. If you take notes daily, have a spot for blank pages and an easily gradable pen.

  6. Use twist ties to keep the wires together and in one area.

  7. Have sufficient lighting. A brighter desk means you can notice when it starts to get cluttered again.

  8. Always organize as you go, clean up before the end of the day, and label everything.

Digital Tools to Help You Stay Organized

Those who rather have a physical object they can touch such as a calendar might have a tougher time converting to digital tools. However, this has proven to save time and space in the work area. Here are a few digital tools that can be used to help you stay on track and keep your work area organized.

  1. Calendar
  2. Sticky Notes
  3. To-Do Task Lists

Even though this may seem like a common sense list, you would be amazed how many computer users never notice there are applications to help organize your life a click away.

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