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Always forgeting to buy something at the grocery store? Find out how to make the ULTIMATE grocery list

Updated on June 11, 2017

Most people had that annoying experience of getting home from the grocery shopping trip, only to find out they forgot to buy something very important and urgent.

Having to go back to the store can be time consuming and irritating. It can also get expensive in terms of spending additional gas or shopping at the more expense local store.

That being said, you are just a human, and humans forget. A lot.

That's the reason why are we constantly making lists, reminders and all kind of notes, just to make sure we will do everything we should. But that isn't very helpful if you struggle to make a good list.

If your lists need some improvement, please continue reading!


Make a menu plan

Menu planing is one of the best things you can add to your grocery shopping and home cooking routine. Without a plan, grocery shopping can get completely unintentional.

And unintentional shopping will always lead to some forgotten products, as well as to some overflow in other areas.

This solely is the reason to do yourself a favor and start by planing your meals. Use your recipes as a base for the grocery list and be sure to have all of the basics for the week.

Check for items you always need

If you are planning to prepare fried chicken, you will put a chicken to your list. But, will you check if you have oil or salt on hand?

Instead of thinking about these ingredients every day, you could simply create a list of always needed items. Every time you are preparing for the trip to the grocery shop, you could go through the kitchen and check for the items from the list. It can include food and ingredients like bread, milk, vitamins, oil, eggs, vinegar, tea, coffee and various spices. This way, you will always have basics in the kitchen.

The list itself will vary from family to family and will depend on your habits, medical and nutritional needs. This makes you the only person that knows what should be on it.

Start creating your list now and don't worry if you miss anything. Write down items that you can think off at the moment. As time goes by you will find additional items to add, and your list will grow and evolve with you.

Blank list on your refrigerator

Additional to this, good practice is to have a special blank paper on your refrigerator. Every time you or someone from your family use last piece of something, or realize that some items need to be restock, that person should put that on that list. This way, you will be less likely to go back to the store.

So, you will already have a list of all the groceries that you spent and should stock up, you will already have a list of things that you always need, and a menu plan. This three papers will make it very easy for you to make the best grocery list you can!

Benefits of having a great grocery list

Although you maybe just don't want to go to the store for multiple times, there are additional benefits from having a good list with you.

You will save money. If you make a rule to buy only from the list, you will have less impulse purchases in the supermarket. You will also save money for the gas if you go to the store only once. And if you start to plan your meals ahead, you can adjust them to current sales and coupons that you can find.

It will make you eat healthier. Impulse purchases often means buying unneeded junk food and other unhealthy items. Missing to buy some essential ingredient can lead to ordering a pizza instead of making some nice and healthy homemade meal. And forgetting to buy fruits or vitamins can be avoided if they are on your 'always needed' list.

You will waste less food. No one like wasting food, and buying without a list could lead to exactly that. Once you start buying based on your real needs, you will be more likely to actually use everything up.

You will save time. Having everything you need in the stock will prevent you from wasting your time driving to the shop, browsing isles and standing in the lines on a daily basis.

Once you start using your grocery list, grocery shopping will become a breeze and you will have more time and energy for the things that really meter!


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