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DIY Picnic Table cheap and easy in less than 24 hours!

Updated on July 30, 2017

Picnic table!

Our picnic table!  In less than 24 hours
Our picnic table! In less than 24 hours

Outdoor dining

Do you lack outdoor dining space? Long to have a nice place for family gatherings, meals, BBQ's, birthdays, and holidays? Not interested in buying a pre-made picnic table and having to worry about delivery? Do you lack a patio or deck and have no room for patio furniture like we do? Do you long for some kind of outdoor dining space without too much hassle, storage or maintenance?

Do you have a few free hours, and an ability to construct basic things?

If you've answered yes to a lot of my questions, then building a picnic table should be done for your next backyard BBQ! And the best part is, you can easily do this in a few hours with minimal expense!

What you need

Build it exactly as you want it. You pick the color or stain, get the wood and put it together. It's that easy! All this for about $150.00 USD!

Supplies you will need to build your table correctly, and safely;

  • (1) Fiesta picnic table base from Amazon, penny head nails, and noted tools for assembly
  • A power drill
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • (5) 2x10x8 boards (from Home Depot)
  • Orbital sander, or hand sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint, sealer, or stain
  • Paint brushes

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Get your wood and sand it!
Get your wood and sand it!

Ready, set, build

Go to Home Depot and request the wood you need. If you want to build a 6ft long picnic table instead of 8ft, all you have to do is ask them to cut it to size. Easy!

Next, sand the wood with an orbital hand sander. You can find these at places like Big Lots for under $20 USD. You want to get rid of any rough sharp edges as much as possible.

Next, all you have to do is stain the wood or seal it with your desired color or stain. After that dries, assemble your table base as the Fiesta table instructs. It's just a matter of drilling a few holes and screwing things together. The best thing about this frame is that the legs fold for easy storage and transportation.

This was one of the simplest projects we took on, and we are so happy we did it! We easily saved $100 dollars by building it ourselves. The directions are very easy to follow and the results are fantastic! We plan on getting many many years of use from our picnic table! And when we are done, we'll sell it for almost what we paid to build it!

Don't be afraid or intimidated by this project. Get your supplies now and get it done!

Although this article doesn't go into detail on how to assemble this table, it's so easy a monkey could do it. So there isn't that much to say. If you can read and use a drill, swipe a paint brush, and screw things together, you can have the picnic table you've always wanted that is high quality, and a lot cheaper than buying one someone else assembled for you.

Happy BBQing to you!

© 2013 Rebecca


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    • Maren Morgan M-T profile image

      Maren Elizabeth Morgan 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I didn't know that picnic table bases could be purchased. Great idea. Would have loved more pix. Keep up the good work!