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Understanding Garden Fertilizers

Updated on January 5, 2011

Garden Fertilizers are soil conditioner apportioned in the soil in order to boost the growth of the plants. These provide the main nutrients needed by plants such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Meanwhile fertilizers also contain both micro and macro nutrients which are also vital to the development of your crops. With NPK as primary macro nutrients, Calcium, Sulfur and Magnesium are the secondary macro nutrients. The micronutrients contained by fertilizers include, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Chlorine, Molybdenum and Selenium. All these work together to increase the potentials of plants.

Fertilizer can also be classified into two: the organic and inorganic.  Several researches have argued as to which is better and healthier for crops.  Organic fertilizers are those that come from materials that can be decomposed.  These include animal manure, fruit peelings, grass clipping, vegetable and kitchen scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds and more.  This type of fertilizer is said to be environment-friendly and it helps improve the water and nutrient capacity of the soil.  On the other hand, organic fertilizers are those that are commercially made.  These allow nutrients to be immediately available for plants’ consumption.  Both types of fertilizer have flaws but both also have advantages for the plants.

In the meantime, fertilizer can also be directly apportioned into the soil or it can be sprayed in the plants’ leaves. Both methods are good but only when done properly.  Farmers and gardeners should also be careful when applying fertilizer, be it organic or inorganic because too much application may damage the plants.  Fertilizer, as efficient as it can be, it still has the power to both boost and destroy any crop. offers quality organic gardening products. Buy live and healthy worms for composting like Red Wiggler worms and European Nightcrawlers. You can also buy organic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other green gardening supplies and equipments here. Visit their site and browse their catalog to know more about their products.


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