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Nourishing Fruit Trees with Organic Fertilizer

Updated on April 10, 2015

Organic fertilizer has been known to boost plants’ growth. It is further known to have made crops even healthier because of the absence of chemicals. Any plant, be it non-fruit bearing or fruit bearing trees, organic fertilizer is good given the condition that it is applied correctly.

For fruit trees, it is important that even before applying, you already have conducted a soil test. The result of the test will tell you the amount of nutrients that the plants need. It is also important that nutrient deficiencies can be corrected first by applying Phosphorus and Potassium around the trees. Normally, you will notice that fruit trees are growing 8-10 inches each year. The green limbs growing in the tree would tell you if there is this expected growth. If your plants do not have this progress, then there is something wrong. That’s the time when you have to pay attention on the fertilizer that you’ll apply.


When you apply nitrogen, you must first check the previous growth of the fruit tree. Was there too much growth the last time? If yes, you have to reduce the organic fertilizer but if the previous year shows that there was a slow growth, then increase the amount of nitrogen.

Appying Organic Fertilizer

The application of organic fertilizer also depends on the time of the year, the age of the fruit tree and the area that it’s in. If the tree is five years old, you have to fertilize it with half pound of nitrogen. If it’s around ten years of age, 1 pound of nitrogen would do. Follow the pattern so you won’t get lost. If the tree is in a lawn that has been consistently fertilized, you need not fertilize the tree again. Experts also advise that organic fertilizer is given to fruit trees early spring because summer isn’t a good timing. Application during that time may cause abnormality with the fruits because they will come out at the wrong time.

If these are followed carefully, you wouldn’t have problems with the fruits from your trees.


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