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Vermiculture:Different options for a Composting Equipment - Composting Tips

Updated on May 12, 2017

If you’re a resourceful person, and is also someone who enjoys thinking of ways on how to make old things work again, then you’ll definitely take pleasure in composting. This natural process of breaking down decomposing raw materials into a high-quality organic resource is beyond amazing. So instead of having to throw your regular household wastes directly to the dumpster, you can still make good use of your organic scraps and have these turned into a valuable compost product for your garden. Now to make this process work even more effectively, a variety of composting equipment have already been made available at local and online stores, for immediate purchase.

What to expect inside your composter

There are a lot of elements involved when it comes to creating an organic fertilizer such as Red Wiggler worm tea for garden soil(a better alternative to chemical fertilizers). Other than your raw materials (meaning your kitchen scraps and yard wastes), there are also a lot more interesting stuff inside any composting equipment that will be used later on. Besides earthworms (if you’ll be doing some worm composting) the following things are also present in the system: water/moisture, some trace minerals and other nutrients, macro and microorganisms, soil, and rock grains.

Eye on the goal – Your composting bin preferences

There are also a lot of compost bins that you can choose from. But before building or purchasing one, make sure that you have specifications in mind already. Any piece composting equipment has its different shapes, sizes, designs, materials, and capacities. So know your ideal quantity first before proceeding to get yourself just any home composting bin.

Types of composters

There are composting bins that range from commercial wire bins, homemade wire bins, to wooden-made bins. Other than that, there are also tumblers. You can also opt into using old wood or plastic dresser drawers. You can even make do with old wooden drums or recycled plastic trash bins as a make-shift composter.

Compost suppliers are also selling tools for this kind of natural process; and you can always rely on a good pitch fork or garden fork. These gardening paraphernalia can definitely be used into a compost turner. Aside from that, a leaf rake can also be of good use for when the leaves from your plants and trees start to shed (you can also use these for leaf mulching later on). Other than that, you might also find the need to have a wheelbarrow, a compost pile aerator, a compost thermometer, and a moisture meter (amongst other things).

Any composting equipment that gets to be purchased always comes with a compost guide. If there aren’t any provided, then you can always read on about it various gardening sites online. There are a lot of free media that’s already been made available on the web.

Worm Composting Steps
Worm Composting Steps | Source

A few essential steps to worm composting

As soon as you’ve settled in with your choice of vermicomposting bin, proceed to following four essential steps:

  1. How to start and set-up your own worm farm.
  2. How to feed your worms and what to feed them.
  3. How to take care of the worms and their bin.
  4. How to harvest their compost (organic compost produced by worms can be a great alternative to fertilizers that are chemical-based).

It’s important that you know how to use your compost bin, and to know the amount of organic material and worms that can be stored inside it. Other than that, also know what kinds of foodstuff to feed your worms, as not all the green materials can be consumed by these soil creatures (refrain from feeding them meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, oily, salty, and other citrusy materials). Also make it a point to check up on the bin to avoid unnecessary problems; and this also includes harvesting their compost to keep the bin fresh (and to also make room for more food, bedding, and new worm compost).


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