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Don't Throw Away Your Phone Books

Updated on June 23, 2016

Make a Phone Book Chandelier


At Least Recycle them!

If you don't want to take the time to repurpose your old phone books, or phone books you never, into one of our suggestions or any other idea you might have seen, at least recycle it, so someone else can re-use it! Seriously there's no need to through millions of books in the landfill.

But if you have at least one crafty bone in your body. Here are some things you can do to save some money, and make use of this otherwise useless book.

Pencil Holder
Pencil Holder

Pen Holder

Here's an idea of how you can make a decorative pen holder. Just glue some pages together, glue some cardboard/paperboard on the bottom, and spray paint it if you really want to get fancy. Here's another tip, cut the pages at different heights for a cascading pen holder. So each "cup" is a little shorter than the one next to it. Now you can organize your pens, pencils, markers by color, or however you like.

Pest Control

Have giant spiders, cockroaches, or other creepy crawlies running across your floor or wall? Don't have great hand-eye-coordination? Use the phone book. It's got a nice wide curface area great for smooshing bugs even when you don't have any aim.

Weinie Roasting
Weinie Roasting

Wash Your Windows and Mirrors

Just use your phone book pages along with some Windex to clean glass surfaces. They don't leave behind little paper fibers like paper towels do. Plus they don't leave streaks like a washcloth!


Phone books make great for starting fires. Light one up, throw on some wood, and make some s'mores and wienies!

Phone Book Dress
Phone Book Dress

Make Your Own Clothes

If you're really ambitious you could make a super cool dress like this one. Or if not, you could stick to something small scale like a stylish dress for a Barbie or other doll.

Booster Seat OR Step Stool

That top shelf just barely out of reach? Why spend $30 on a fancy plastic booster seat? Just tape a couple phone books together. Problem Solved. You're welcome. Did I mention, their good for step exercises? Just tape it up good so you don't slip and break something. Just don't go too fast, even if you tape it up well, you might twist something. You've been warned.

Can't Afford TP?

We've got your butt covered. Just cut up some pages and stack them on the back of your toilet. No need for any of that fancy 3-Ply stuff from the grocery store. Your toilet paper comes free, delivered to your door.

Target Practice

Just paint a target on a phone book and use it for BB gun practice. OR Get a stack of books, and tape a target on them for archery practice.

Impress Your Friends w/ Super Human Strength

Hey If you're too lazy to do any of this other super cool stuff with your phone book, you can always show off your super human strength by ripping a phonebook in half!

Phone Books Boots
Phone Books Boots

Fix Your Old Ugly Boots

Resurface your old beat up boots to make a fashionable masterpiece.

Tear it up!

Got a paper shredder? Shred your old books to use for a bird or hamster cage, or packing materials. No shredder? Just tear them up into a few strips and wod them up. Hey if you have a whole lot of books, use it as insulation!

Weed Prevention

Use as a flower bed liner to keep weeds from growing. Line your flower bed 3 pages thick under your top soil instead of buying expensive lining from Home Depot.

Now that your you know what to do with your useless books that keep showing up on your doorstep, Download the Free Yellow Pages mobile app from and carry the yellow pages around in your pocket like a normal 21st century human being. Or just look them up on your web broswer if you'r already on your computer!


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Disclaimer: Some suggestions on our list might be difficult to accomplish or may not fully work, and could be dangerous. We are not responsible for any harm that may befall you for using these ideas. Please use them responsibly.

© 2016 Matt


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