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Dont sweat the thermostat

Updated on March 26, 2017

Many people misuse and misunderstand the use of thermostats whether this is in their car or in their homes; it is a common misconception that turning the thermostat up or down to the minimum or maximum will make it hotter or colder more rapidly. Sadly in most causes this is not true, your average thermostat functions as a switch and merely switches the heating or cooling off when the set temperature is reached.

There are exceptions with highly sophisticated and of course expensive thermostats and control systems, though of course these are the exceptions. A common way to check is to turn the thermostat up or down if you hear a distinct click it is most likely an on or off stat. Another way to check is to turn the thermostat up or down and see if the air conditioning or boiler (or other appliances) switches off when you do so.

Danfoss Wireless Thermostat

A wireless Danfoss thermostat
A wireless Danfoss thermostat | Source

What this means is that the best way to use your thermostat is sensibly, turning it up and down excessively will not only cause excessive wear and tear it will also over compensate leaving you much hotter or colder then you desire. It will also drive up those every increasing fuel bills too.

It is also worth explaining this to the other people in your home or office so some guidelines can be set. If it is a major problem you may even consider looking at a tamperproof thermostat to stop uneducated people yo-yoing between the thermostats temperatures extreme.

Do you sweat the thermostat?

Do you sweat the thermostat?

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It is of course impossible to please all of the people all of the time but hopefully a happy medium can be found. If one person is too cold whilst the other is fine considering wearing a couple of layers or a sweater can prevent of lot of bad feeling and tension.

This can also be a problem in large rooms at home or open plan offices where more then one air conditioner are located along with different controls for each. A truce where an agreed temperature is set on them all is best otherwise you can end up in the expensive no win situation where one is turned to its minimum and the other is set to its maximum.

Hopefully a little knowledge shared here will go a long way in reducing the angst that the position of your thermostat can cause you and lead to a more settled family or work life.


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