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An Easy & Cheap Storage Idea for a Kid's Room

Updated on August 21, 2012

Stuffed Animal Storage

the finished product
the finished product | Source

My son's room is a DISASTER

My 3 yr old has a habit of destroying his room every night when we send him to bed. There are so many aspects to this problem I don't even know where to begin but the biggest one is that his room is not organized, he can't find anything, and he doesn't even know what he has. So I started brainstorming different ideas, looking at pinterest, thinking how I could modify different things we already owned.

School is about to start so there are lots of back to school sales going on which lead me to the glorious milk crate. Cheap, lightweight, and can hold a great deal.

Project Stuffed Animal Storage

This is the blank wall, halfway through the entire project though
This is the blank wall, halfway through the entire project though | Source
ignore the 5yr old head
ignore the 5yr old head | Source

How I did it

After find the milk crates. The big ones were about $3.50 each and the little ones were $1.50 each. I bought 2 inch plastic washers. I went with plastic washer basically because they were 1/4 the price of metal ones and they were bigger. I also bought smaller washers in metal for the smaller crates. I already had the #10, 1 1/4 screws at home. I probably should have used a #8 screw because I realized once I started how big the holes I was leaving in the wall. Good thing I own this house and I don't plan on leaving for a long time.

I put a washer and screw in diagonal corners and started placing them in a funky design. That's it, it took me longer to shop for the project than it did to create it.


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